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Review Request Status:


(If you’re okay with me reviewing on October, then feel free to shoot me an email.

And if you’re already an author I’ve reviewed for before, don’t hesitate to email, I’m sure we can work something out!)

You can contact me through my email:

You can also find me on GoodreadsTwitter, Facebook and Amazon.

Please keep the following details in mind if you’re requesting a review-

◆ I read Young-Adult and New-Adult books. 

◆ Genres accepted- Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopia,  Contemporary, Romance, Thriller,  Suspense, and Mystery.

◆ I prefer paperbacks/hard copies but also accept e-copies in ePub, Mobi, formats. (Please keep in mind I’m from India.) I also accept selected audiobooks only.

◆ Please give me at least 2-4 days to respond back.

◆ I may not accept all the requests I receive.

◆ I cross post my review on Goodreads and Amazon and also share them on my Twitter and Facebook.

In your email please include:

◆ A subject for the email: Review Request- Name of book(s)

◆ Summary of your book.

◆ A link to your books’ Goodreads page.

◆ The date you’d like me to publish a review by.

◆ Whether you’d be interested in giving me some content for my blog after I’ve read your book. [E.g, a giveaway, character interview, exclusive bonus scene(s), author interview etc.]

My Rating System:


My reviews are honest, unbiased and my personal opinion. If I have received a book by an author or a publisher, it’s clearly stated in my post and it doesn’t affect my review in any way. I weigh all the pros and cons of each book before coming up with a final rating.

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