Daydreaming Discussions: Things That Make Me Hit The Unsubscribe Button!

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

So, there are a lot of things and each differs for a different person that makes us wanna hit subscribe a certain blog and there are also a few things which make us hit the unfollow button or just not follow at all in the first place. So, today I thought why not make a list of the things that makes me say no, nope to a certain blog! Here goes…

1. Cringeworthy Layout

So, of course, this is number one on my list. I love aesthetically pleasing things and if a layout is literally hurting my eyes, I am usually the one to skip. It doesn’t have to be super gorgeous but at least easy on the eyes. Blog design is the first thing someone notices before the content and if that isn’t good enough, people are likely to say goodbye even if the content is good. Of course, there are exceptions if I fall in super love with the content but it’s very rare. I seriously struggled with layout stuff in the beginning and I seriously still cringe when I think about the blog layouts I chose when I was still a newbie. xD

2. No Reviews

Being a book reviewer, I usually follow book blogs. Yup, I think that’s all I follow. xD But I have seen some blogs which are said book blogs but there are literally no reviews, at all. For me, reviews are a must if I want to follow a blog because otherwise what else would be there to fangirl about. There are discussion posts and other awesome tags but if it’s without reviews, then it’s a no for me.

3. No Commenting Back

This is the one I hate the most. I don’t get why somebody won’t reply back, like ever! Commenting is one of the things, that not only I but almost every book blogger loves the most because that’s how basically we all interact with each other. And I have seen a few bloggers who don’t even bother to reply, even on their own blogs. So, you guys can understand what usually happens if this continues…

4. Book Bashing

This is also one of the things I hate the most. I mean of course not everybody is going to like every single book, each of us have a different opinion about a particular book but when somebody instead of stating the issues they have with the book, starts bashing the book and sometimes the author as well, it enrages me. Even if it’s a book you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you can insult the author’s hard work just like that. I usually hit the unfollow button straight away if I find a review on a blog that I am already subscribed to.

5. Posting only book blitz/cover reveals/tags

This is kind of simply too repetitive as there’s no other creative content than the said things. I also occasionally participate in book blitz and cover reveals but if a blog has only that, then it’s just not interesting enough. I love and enjoy reading tags but if a blog only has tags, it is bound to get repetitive one day or the other.

So guys, what are the things that make you tick off a blog from your list? Do we have any in common?


Daydreaming Discussions: Bookish Pet Peeves! || The Bookish Aspect

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

In June’s Daydreaming Discussions, I discussed the physical aspects of my bookish pet peeves. So, today I wanted to discuss the bookish aspects, aka the things in the story that can quickly turn me off which also causes me to lose interest in a particular story. So, here’s my list!

1. Trigger Warning

This is of utmost importance. This helps the people who are sensitive to particular subjects an option if they want to read that content or not. I have read quite a few books which dealt with sensitive topics yet there were no warnings before hand and that is not acceptable. Some didn’t affect me and some did and the results were not pleasant. So, I hope that from now on books which deal with such topics should definitely contain a trigger warning.

2. More girl love


There are not enough strong and positive female friendships, especially in YA. One of the most common patterns of girl on girl hate is because they have feelings for the same boy and they are ready to go to the utmost limit to get what they what. How about some dignity? *sighs* Anyway, this is something I really hate and it’s pretty much common in every book. Another one is the Queen bee who manipulates other girls according to her own needs. I am seriously sick of this trope. Of course, there are books which have beautiful female friendships but we need more! I need more books where girls are there for each other and who would better understand them than other girls. Instead of using that for negative advantage, this trope should be used in a positive way. I think not only me, but most of us would appreciate it.

3. Love triangles


If you have been following my blog for some time now, you will know how much I despise love triangles. I haaaate it. Usually, I tend to avoid books with love triangles but I can’t rule out all of them. I hate when a person can’t decide who they really love and string along both of them sometimes. I don’t enjoy this particular indecisiveness.

4. Platonic Relationships

A boy and a girl can be friends without falling in love. This is seriously so rare. Most of the time there are multiple boys falling for the same girl because she is just extraordinary, gorgeous, beautiful and blah blah blah. How about some realism? This doesn’t happen in real life at all !! I really, really hate this trope. Why can’t they show a beautiful friendship between a boy and girl without any romantic relationship? And even if there is a friendship like that, most of the time the male character is gay. Is it so hard to be friends with the opposite sex with being straight? I simply don’t get it.

5. Immature/Absent Parents

Why? Oh, why? This is also something, especially common in YA. Most of the times either the parents are dead or they are immature like a 1-year-old. Seriously? I don’t understand how parents can be represented in a negative light all the time. Okay, I understand there are some people who don’t understand their own child but not every freaking one is like that. There is rarely any book where I find a healthy parent-child relationship, though lately I have read a few which had some decent parent-child relationship but we need more!! Anyway, a parent is one of the root cause how a child grows up, they are the building blocks. They help us understand a lot of things and guide us into a whole new world. The parents in the books are either too selfish or too strict to care about their child’s need. But they are an essentially important part in every child’s life and I can’t understand how this crucial aspect can simply be ignored just like that.

6. Killing off the main character

Ugh! The worst! Authors love killing off their darlings but when they kill off the main character, it is simply too much for me. It leaves a sour taste in the mouth and I would never ever pick that series up again. I got spoiled for two series in which the main character is killed off in the end. Whereas I didn’t pick up the one series but I already started the other one but now I am reluctant to continue it.

7. More focus on physical aspect

I do not appreciate when a character falls in love with the other just because he/she is freaking gorgeous. I read quite a few books and that is quite disturbing. What about how he/she actually is as a person? I am someone who suffers from body image issues and when I read this stuff, it makes my self-confidence lower. I particularly remember a book where the girl continued to think how hot the guy was throughout the book and I just wanted to throw away my e-reader. Seriously? It’s not only cliched but not body positive either.

8. Pacing

I am going to end this on a lighter note. XD But pacing is one of the most vital factors which affects my reading in a major way. If the pacing is slow I lose interest quite fast, even if there is something awesome later on but my attention is already wavering, it’ll also end up affecting my rating for that book.

So what do you guys think? Do you agree with any of these? Have you felt the same problem as me?

Daydreaming Discussions: Bookish Pet Peeves! || The Physical Aspect

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

So, today I wanted to talk about my top 10 bookish pet peeves considering only the physical aspects. The bookish part will be for some other day. So without ado, let’s jump onto the list!

1. Cover or height change in mid-series

Ugh! These are the worst! The very worst. And yes, my TMI set does not match. 😦 I hate it so freaking much when a cover design or the height doesn’t match the rest of the series. I remember when I was talking about this aspect with some of my (non-bookish) friends, they were like, what’s the big deal and I was left gaping! I mean… you guys get it. When my bookish package arrives, and I savagely tear open my packet, wait no, I don’t do that with my babies. I sit down patiently with a pair of scissors and cut it carefully so that my precious is not hurt at all.

But the moment I see the height or the cover is different, my heart breaks. It’s literally an assault on my heart. Why do these publishers and designers not get that? Why? So now, when I buy books I actually even check the size of the covers before proceeding to checkout. Oh, the things we do for books.

2. Stickers on book covers

Oh, this sucks on a massive scale. They are just a hindrance to the beautiful book cover and the ones that are actually embedded on the cover and can’t be taken off are the worst. Whether they are some kind of movie promotion or denoting the number of books in the series, it’s just unacceptable.

Yes, I know it is the freaking second book. You could’ve just written book 2 under the title or just the number 2 on the spine. But no oh, you had to ruin the cover. Sighs.

3. Broken spines

I once accidentally broke the spine of my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book, it is the thickest book in the series but I should have been more careful, I still have nightmares.

Every time I look at my shelf….

4. Movie covers on books

This is another horrific aspect. If I haven’t yet bought a book that I want to read and the movie is announced, I usually grab the earliest opportunity to buy the book before it becomes the latest victim of the movie cover massacre like these were.


5. Zoomed on faces

I usually hate faces on book covers, whether it’s an actor/actress or any model’s. And the zoomed in ones are so freaking bad. Just like these…


Although I loved the movie cover edition of Before I Fall. It was way better than this one.

6. Ugly Book Covers

The earlier stated factor usually result in this mess. But sometimes there are ones that don’t make a single ounce of sense and it ultimately doesn’t match with the story’s overall motif which is clearly visible in the above three book covers. I mean, what am I supposed to so with these zoomed on faces?

7. Books without a blurb on the back cover

Why? Oh, why do you have a problem just printing a two-three line synopsis on the back cover? I am one of those people who always read the synopsis before starting the book. Now, I am all set to go and boom, there’s no info on the back and instead, it is filled with praises and stuff. And, I have to go to Goodreads all over again just to check the blurb.

And apparently, this doesn’t even have an actual back thingy…

8. The statement “Perfect for the fans of…”

I hate this. Seriously. Each book is unique in their own way and when this statement is there, the whole point of the uniqueness is kind of blatantly disregarded. I don’t know what kind of marketing strategy is that but that usually repels me from a book rather than making it more intriguing and attractive.

9. Dog-eared pages

Horrifying. Just horrifying. The people who do these are monsters. Some may be adorable little monsters but they are still the monsters.

10. Scribbling on the pages

I like my books shiny and clean. I even hate a tiny scratch on a page and it really irks me even I accidentally do that, which maybe has happened for 0.01% of the time. Oh, this applies when eating or drinking. I have to be super duper careful to avoid any kind of stain on the precious pages otherwise I’m a goner…

So, guys what are your bookish pet peeves? Be sure to let me know!

Collab (Discussion): The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging!

Hey there guys! I recently collaborated with Fernanda @ Mystery Date with a Book. Don’t forget to visit her awesome blog! Anyway, together, we bring you-


🔷 The community – I love how friendly and welcoming everyone has been since I began blogging. When I first started, about a year ago, I read a few blog posts about trolls and people who simply had too much time in their hands leaving rude comments on people’s blogs, but my experience has been the complete opposite! And I love my followers for it! Everyone has been so supportive of my (sometimes silly) ideas, that they drive me forward and encourage me to keep coming back to this little URL which I like to call my own.

🔶 Keeping up to date with book releases – My Reader feed is filled with new and exciting book reviews… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! So when there’s a big book release coming up all those wonderful book bloggers will keep me up to date.

🔷 Being able to give your opinion on all things book related – It’s not often that you can say exactly what you want in life, but when it comes to books, the blogosphere is like a giant stage and the mic is in your hands. Just let it all out. Here you can voice your opinion on something you’ve read, no matter how controversial your opinion might be. Your blog is YOUR stage. You set the rules.

🔶 Giveaways! – Aaaahhhh! Enough said… haha!

🔷 Fangirling- Oh the joy of meeting people with the same book taste and gushing about it together. It is simply the best feeling and definitely one of the best parts of book blogging! Before blogging I had nobody to share my bookish love with but now… 🙂

🔶 Getting Recommendations- One of the major plus points of blogging is getting recommendations every other day. Whether it is a new release or an old one, you are never short on the matter about what to read next.


🔷 Pressure to post frequently – I don’t know if it’s just me or does anybody else feel pressured into posting as often as possible? I used to post a lot more frequently before I started working, but now there’s so much going on that I don’t always have time to post, and that’s ok. As I said before: My blog, my rules 

🔶 The importance people give to stat numbers – Now, I’ll be the first to raise my hands and admit that yes, I do look at my blog stats on a daily basis. I’ve always kind of liked numbers. They just make sense to me. So blog stats seem like a logical unbiased way of measuring how your blog is doing, right? WRONG! You don’t need high stats (AKA thousands of views per month) in order to be a successful blogger. If you do what makes you happy, then you are successful. It’s that simple. Even if you want to turn your blog into a business and earn a living from it, you can still do it without those super high stats. Just down go down the same route everyone else is taking. Be creative! Be you!

🔷 Blog envy – Haha! Yes, I’m guilty of having “blog envy”! Let me explain, I think envy, in general, is an ugly thing, especially when it comes out as a vicious act or poisonous words. But if your blog envy is more like a sense of admiration and awe towards other bloggers then it could actually be a good thing! It can push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to come up with brilliant ideas on how to improve your own blog!

🔶 ARCs (Advanced Review Copies)- We can’t deny the fact that one of the biggest parts of being a book blogger is that we have access to advanced review copies. As much as they are a boon, too many ARCs hamper the joy of reading as well, especially when we have to review it by a particular time limit.

🔷 Time Consuming- I really wish blogging was a super easy job. Yes, we love it so much but nobody can deny that it’s pretty time-consuming. It takes loads of time to format the posts, find accurate pictures and gifs and then there’s the actual writing.

🔶 Blogging Burnout- When all of the cons get too much, we suffer from blogging burnout. During that time, inspiration doesn’t come easily and there are times we just want to give up on blogging. But it is important to remember why we started blogging in the first place, for our own self, because we love books and love gushing about it and it makes us feel happy. And in the end, that’s what matters the most.

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So, guys what are your thoughts on book blogging? Agree or disagree?

Daydreaming Discussions: Reading multiple Books at a Time!

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

So, I have developed a habit of reading multiple books at a time. When I started blogging, I saw so many people reading 2-3 books at a time, some even 5, so definitely that was quite shocking as well as surprising. I couldn’t even imagine how some people could read so many books at a time and I was like:

Okay, so not this dramatic but oh well sometimes I quite can be…. But that’s a discussion for some other time. Or maybe not. 🙂

If you had asked me about this five years ago, my answer would have been oh hell no! But my perspective has changed over the years. Now, I can easily accommodate 3 books at a single time, sometimes even squeeze in a fourth one. I mostly read one paperback along with 1 or 2 e-books. A few days ago I was discussing this with my friends in college and their reaction was something like this:



And I was like ding ding ding… new discussion topic(ing!).

Yeah. I know. -.-

Anyway, list most of my discussion posts, this will have a pros and cons list as well. So here goes,


🔹 First of all, I’m a very moody reader, I love fantasy and science fiction but in the midst of the death and drama, I sometimes need a little break or two and that’s where a second or third book comes in.

🔹 There are times I need to finish a review copy but I am not feeling like it, so adding another book alongside that works wonders for me. It kind of gives me the necessary break from that book so that I end up enjoying both of them!

🔹 When a book fails to hold my attention, I put it down and gorge one or two others before picking it up, or sometimes I read a chapter of that book along with the other books if I really want to finish that one and yup, I’m in the end before I know it.

🔹 It saves time. Duh! When you have a HUGE tbr pile like mine, reading multiple books at a time helps to catch up with that enormous pile of books just sitting there waiting and calling your name…


🔹 One (and only) of the major setbacks of reading multiple books at the time is when you have got a brain of a squirrel! Sometimes when I read a book and jump to the next one, the information tends to mash up which leads to utter chaos and confusion. Oh well, you get what I mean.

But seriously, there are quite simple methods to solve this one, if you go through the same problem like me (which I tend to forget 99% of the time… but shush!)

🔹 Make notes while reading.

🔹 Or you can also read one chapter at a time. It helps to remember things more clearly. But hey… when have you seen us bookish people just leave it at one chapter?

You guys know what, this post should have been up an hour ago but I was searching Supernatural gifs which led me to Pinterest and then…. I got lost! And before you guys ask any questions regarding this, I’ll just leave this here…

So guys, what are your thoughts on this matter? Do you love reading multiple books at a time or prefer to give your full attention to a single book?

Daydreaming Discussions: Favourite fictional couples whom I adore to death!

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-


First of all, happy Valentines day guys! ❤ I hope you all are having a great day so far! I spent my day binging on the show: Full House (Thai version) when I should actually be studying for my exam on Friday! Nonetheless, I looooved it so much! It was seriously so cute and I loved the storyline and the acting although I wanted to murder everybody at one point but let’s forget about that, shall we? But there was definitely cuteness overloaded moments! I think…. I will start reviewing shows and movies and stuff like that, that I recently watched. What do you guys think?

Well, I digress. Let’s come back to our today’s discussion. Here is my list of favourite couples! So without further ado…

Jace Clary

Credit: Source

Jace and Clary: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare- Clace is one of my the most favourite couple ever! Forbidden romance is one of my favourite tropes and I absolutely loved how it was executed in the book. The chemistry between them is crackling and I loved how they were always there for each other, no matter what. While we are on this topic, anyone watching season 2 of Shadowhunters?

Alec Magnus

Credit: Source

Alec and Magnus: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare- Do I even need to say anything? I probably will. Sooo… I always shipped Malec and in Shadowhunters, Malec is just perfection. Utter perfection. I couldn’t have wanted a better cast than those two in the show.

Simon Izzy

Credit: Source

Simon and Izzy: The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare- Their relationship evolved gradually within time and I loved every second of it. Although I love bad boys but Simon is the exact kind of guy that I would love to date in real life. And Alberto Rosende is… ❤

083a3819d13bbc6fde3721ce1302ab9f 11603c6baf1ecddd1e4953205855f282

Credit: Source 1 and Source 2

Logan and Sadie: Saven series by Siobhan Davis- The relationship between Sadie and Logan is goals! I simply adored these two. They went though so freaking much, yet their love for each other never faltered. I loved how much they trusted and respected each other.

Feyre Rhysand

Credit: Source

Feyre and Rhysand: A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas- Ah… I shipped Feysand from book 1 and I was simply ecstatic when my ship actually sailed! I can’t wait to read book 3 in this series, May puhleeease come soon!

Levi and Cath

Credit: Source

Levi and Cath: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- I loved Fangirl so much and Levi and Cath were just so cute together! Yes, they had their ups and down but I loved how their relationship was portrayed.

Ron Hermoine

Credit: Source

Ron and Hermoine: Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling- Isn’t this picture just so cute! 😀 I can’t give enough reasons to convey how much I love these two! Ron and Hermoine are two unique characters and together they were simply epic.

Ezra Kady

Credit: Source

Ezra and Kady: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff- Ezra and Kady were just asdfghjkl!! Even after their breakup (which of course they actually didn’t want to!!), they were ready to do anything to save each other. I simply loved the friendship between them.

Lily Rowan

Credit: Source

Lily and Rowan: Worldwalker series by Josephine Angelini- I recently read this series and I absolutely loved it! I loved Lily and Rowan sooo much!

Heath Zoey

Credit: Source 1 and Source 2

Heath and Zoey: The House of Night series by P.C and Kristin cast- I really, really hated Heath in the first few books but I didn’t realize when I had actually fallen for him. (I sound so cheesy right now!) A lot of people hate Zoey for the boy drama which is pretty huge but in the end, I shipped her with Heath, although I loved Stark but Heath was just Heath, nobody could replace him, and even Stark knew that. Stevie Rae and Rephaim were another couples in this series whom I simply adored!

Lets Chat

Sooo, guys do we have any favourite in common? And if they are not on this list, then who are your favourites?

Daydreaming Discussions- Top 15 books I can’t wait to read!

daydreaming discussions

Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

DD: Top 15 books I can't wait to read!

So here goes my list:


1. A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas- I can freaking wait for this book! The first two books in “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series were pretty awesome and the way book 2 ended, I am in dire need of this one.


2. Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare- I am of the biggest Cassandra Clare fans and I freaking love the Shadowhunter universe. Though I haven’t read Lady Midnight yet (*looks adoringly at the bookshelf*) but I binge read once I have this in my hand.


3. Caraval by Stephanie Garber- I really enjoy reading books which have siblings and this book has them plus the blurb sounds totally intriguing.

Wonder Woman

4. Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo- It’s about Wonder Woman guys!! I caaaaaan’t wait to read this one!


5. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones- This one sounds too interesting to pass it up and it also has goblins and stuff…


6. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco- That cover though! Also, this book has witches, necromancy, and siblings… all the things I love!


7. Cold Summer by Gwen Cole- I love me some time travel! And this one sounds interesting as hell.


8. Traveler by L.E. DeLano Colour me interested when I heard that this is another time travel with elements of fantasy. Yay!

A Crown of Wishes

9. A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi- I really enjoyed The Star Touched Queen, it was one of a kind and I have high hopes for this one.


10. A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard- This book sounds exception. A love story between a girl who can’t hear and a boy who can’t talk, I absolutely can’t wait to read this one!


11. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon- Indian Americans. Arranged marriage. Need I say more?

The Upside of Unrequited

12. The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli- I LOVED Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by her and this one sounds equally as awesome!

The Thing with Feathers

13. The Thing with Feathers by McCall Hoyle- A girl with epilepsy.A cute boy. One project.

14. The Illuminae Files- book 3 (Untitled) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff – Illuminae was a freaking fantastic read, I still haven’t read Gemina yet but I shall recover that soon enough.

15. Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis- This one is the last book of the Saven series, as much as I am excited to read this book, I am sad this series is going to be over because it’s one of the best series I have ever read!

Lets Chat

So guys, do we have any books in common? Which books are you the most interested in reading this year? Share your thoughts with me!