Blogger Spotlight: Guest Post by Sophie @ Beware Of The Reader!

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you a guest post by Sophie @ Beware Of The Reader. Don’t forget to check out her awesome blog!

A huge thank you to Poulami for her invite to post on her blog!!!

I follow her for months now and love it here 😀 I love her honest reviews, I love that we often share the same interest in books, I love her discussions, I love ….well everything in fact!
So thank you to host this post today.

I did not want to bore you readers to death and I thought I would come with something hopefully funny. I try to use humor as often as possible in my reviews, interviews and discussions.

So today’s post is something fun about … Superreader!


Are you a Superreader?

Are you a Superreader? THE ONE every reader is looking at? To earn your black belt Superreader you have to meet many requirements. Let’s see how many boxes you’ll be able to cross. Shall we?

1. A Supereader is known to live dangerously:

Readwalking is a hazardous activity between avoiding potholes, crosswalks, holes. You may end battered and bruised all for the glory of reading!

Related image

Reading in the bath has recently become a very dangerous behavior since the venue of the e-reader. Electricity and water don’t mix well. In the best case, it can have a surprising effect on the hair and you would end up looking like this:

√ Reading while cooking asks for multitasking and dexterity or risk several burns. Fire can occur in some extreme cases so Superreader usually needs a very good insurance.

Reading while walking your dog can also be strenuous depending on your dog’s strength and his or her self control at the sight of a cat or a rabbit. You have to prepare for hasty starts and losing your balance. Burnt skin is not unusual when a Superreader protects his or her precious book while falling.

2. A Superreader is fit.

– A Superreader builds great balance reading when standing in moving vehicles be it the bus, the train or the subway. Depending on the driver’s dexterity and level of stress abdominals and thighs muscles will be heavily solicited.

– You would also possess arms as strong as builders. Reading big books while laying in bed makes for strong arms.

– Shopping bags filled with your last book haul also helps building the back and arms muscles. Moving companies can concur: the heaviest boxes are filled with books.

A Superreader also possesses incredible stealth. It comes with walking like a ninja on the train gate, hiding behind pillars just to avoid colleagues and friends, commuters in the car. You would make a great spy blending in your environment just to be left alone and read.

3. Other distinctive features:

– Superreader is often is short sighted wearing glasses as very long reading times tire the eyes.
– You would morph into a ferocious beast if you are interrupted in your read. Or you have incredible self-control. Or your mom raised you well. Or you are NOT a Superreader 😀

– A Female Superreader is also known for sporting the Panda Look. It happens after ugly cries with very emotional books. Mascara is running on your cheeks. Waterproof mascara would be a good investment.

You would be usually very friendly with the postman as book mails are the best surprise. You have to make sure the books will be delivered safe and sound. A vengeful postman is to be avoided at all costs! Another cup of tea? Or coffee?

– A Superreader is also known to be a collector. You are always is in need of new shelves for your ever growing book collection. “Honey, are you busy this weekend? I need new shelves…”. Recently said collection has been proudly displayed thanks to bookstagram. As a Superreader you love making other readers drool at the sight of your impressive book collection.

– You are very easy to please (take this comment as you like 😉 ). Your ideal Christmas/Birthday gift is a gift card at your favorite bookstore. Or a trip to said bookstore. If your soulmate is going with you make sure to find a plush sofa somewhere and maybe some biscuits or coffee for him. Fewer complaints and more chance to come back!

4. Fellow Superreaders have their secret languages while crossing other Superreaders.

The rise of an eyebrow means “What are you reading?” followed by the show of the cover.

A chin rise means “So is it good?” And is answered by a corresponding nod of the head.
Now tell me: how many requirements could you meet? Do you see other interesting habits/characteristics a Superreader possesses? 😀

Thank you for reading.

Blogger Bio:

I fell in love with books since a very young age. I’m very busy, like all working mom with teens and furry friend but a day without reading is a wasted day.

I read every single day, everywhere. I need it as much as breathing. I’ve even mastered the art of readwalking (no bruises yet)! I commute daily and people on the train are used to that mad woman either laughing alone or crying ugly tears.

Two friends urged me to create my blog nine months ago and I never would have guessed that blogging was so much fun!

I love reading and reviewing of course but also chatting with other bloggers and interviewing authors. Helping authors to be better known and communicating my passion for books with other bookworms is why I blog.

I try to keep everything light and funny as the blog is my little haven and I hope maybe yours.

Find her at:

Website || Facebook || Bookstagram || Twitter || Goodreads

So guys! Wasn’t this post super fun? Let me know in the comments!


Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Summer @ Xingsings

Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you an awesome Q&A by Summer @ Xingsings. Don’t forget to check out her blog!

1. Tell us a little about your blog and how you first got into blogging?

Hi, everyone! My name is Summer and I’m a book blogger at a site called Xingsings. Xingsings stands for “Yixing sings.” Yixing (better known as his stage name, Lay) is a Chinese member of the popular Korean boy band called Exo. He’s the main dancer of the group but I’ve always admired his beautiful singing voice, hence the unusual blog name.

As for the origins of Xingsings… I started my blog in January 2015 after my love for reading was rekindled in college and my non-bookish friends were sick of listening to my book-induced rants. Despite instinctively beginning out as a book blog, I think I’ve always sensed that it’d grow into something more someday when I created the tagline “a blog about books AND other obsessions.” Therefore, aside from books, I also talk about Asian dramas, music, and basically anything that is worthy of me gushing over. Over the years, Xingsings became a space where I could fangirl freely and meet others that shared similar interests and passions as I hold.

2. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Thougeh bloggiondg iss ann outlet I use to relieve stress, it’d be a lie to say it’s a 100% stress-free hobby. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with having to publish posts frequently and staying active in the blogosphere. There’s also that looming pressure as a book blogger to read a lot in order to actually have content to share. Finding a balance between all these things all the while making sure to maintain a life away from the internet can be a challenge at times. Blogger burnout happens; recognizing the signs when I’m in such a state and assuring myself it’s okay to take a step back to recharge is something I’ve recently learned to do.

3. How much time do you spend blogging?

I designate about 5 hours a week to blog. Perhaps if I’m catching up on comments and blog hopping. But it, honestly, just varies. Like with reading, I’m quite the mood blogger. I prefer only logging onto WordPress and working on draft posts when I feel inspired.

4. What genre is your favourite and why?

Hands down, fantasy is my all time favorite genre. Like many other readers, I owe the Harry Potter series for getting me into reading. Then Twilight (yes, I know…) and The Mortal Instruments were the ones that got me reading more young adult literature, which is what I mostly read now. All three happen to be fantasy, so I naturally gravitate towards books from that particular genre even to this day. I love how lush and creative the worlds can be. I get attached to characters easily so it helps that with fantasy I can anticipate the security of reading a series. Although, fantasy standalones are refreshing, too, since they’re so rare.

5. Have you read a book that you would like to rewrite the ending of?

Yes, there have been plenty! I’m kind of a picky reader. (As a reference my current Goodreads average for books I’ve read is a 3.20.) The ending is pretty influential in determining how much I like a story.

6. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

For the most part, school and work pretty much take over my life. But when I’m not preoccupied by either of those, I mostly enjoy reading (of course!). I spend a lot of my free time watching K-pop music videos, Asian dramas, and the occasional anime. Growing up, I also played the piano and was in choir, so music has always been a major part of my life as well.

7. As you are a big fan of K-dramas, can you recommend us your top 3-5 favourites?

Indeed, I am!

My top 5 Korean dramas are:

  1. It’s Okay, That’s Love(2014 series) – romance, melodrama, medical
  2. Always(2011 movie) – romance, melodrama, tragedy
  3. Secret Garden(2010 series) – fantasy, comedy, romance
  4. Empress Ki(2014 series) – historical, romance
  5. Sungkyunkwan Scandal(2010 series) – historical, comedy, romance

If you’d like to see all the Asian dramas (not limited to Korean ones) that I’ve seen and what I thought of them, feel free to take a look at this master-list I created:

8. Tell us the one bookish destination you would absolutely love to visit.

I’ve never been outside of the States before but I would totally love to visit Ireland. The scenery there just seems so beautiful and the people friendly. It also gives me a lot of comfort to know that English is used there. I know you only asked for one, but I thought I’d also mention that Vietnam, where my parents are from, and Korea are on my on the top of my list as well. The latter because I must see Exo perform live at least once in my life. :’) (Plus, all three of my close childhood best friends are part/full Korean and we’ve decided we want to make a girls’ trip there.)

9. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

Honestly, I feel like I haven’t achieved that much in my life yet since I’m only in my early 20s. But if I had to choose… getting into pharmacy school has probably been one of the bigger accomplishments I’ve achieved so far. I’ve known that I wanted to become a pharmacist since I was in the fourth grade, so it feels a little surreal to be on the path to reaching that end goal. I have three more years of school left (if I decide to opt out on postgraduate education/work, a residency essentially), which feels both long and short at the same time.

10. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?

  • Always remember that there’s no right or wrong way to blog.

  • You make your schedule and you can blog however little or often as you’d like.

  • Write/post what YOU want or are interested in.

  • Don’t feel discouraged when you first begin; the number of views and followers come with time. Besides, ultimately, those aren’t the most important things. I’ve always believed that a successful blogger doesn’t have to be something that is measured by stats. A successful one can be a fulfilled one.

  • Interaction is key! Don’t hesitate to build friendships and make friends.

If you’d like to read more tips, I have a discussion series called Summer Says: (Sorry! Last self-promo, I promise!)

Now, time for some quick questions. You ready? Let’s go!

YES! Let’s do this!

Coffee or tea?

Oh, tough! I brew/buy both nearly every day… Iced caramel macchiatos have been my latest obsession this summer. And, as a South Carolinian, sweet tea is a staple at our house. As is hot tea since I’m also Asian. I might have to cheat on this one and say both! (Lol, this is why these this or that questions are so hard for me!)

Fantasy or Contemporary?

Fantasy all the way!

Long hair or short hair?

Long. Fun fact: I actually cut 15 inches off last year! My hair is growing back already but it is currently shorter than how I typically wear it.

Chocolate or caramel?

(I somewhat answered this one earlier with the coffee/tea question.) Caramel. I get tired of chocolate rather easily.

Board games or video games?

Neither. I’m sort of weird in that I’ve never really liked games.

Blogger Bio:

Hi! I’m a Viet-American book blogger residing in the southern US. I word vomit about a variety of things on my blog but mostly books. When I’m not gushing over fictional characters and K-pop stars, it’s very likely I’m studying drugs. (I’m a proud P2!) I also identify myself as an Asian drama & anime addict, vegetarian, ravenpuff, and Exo-L. (Yixing is my love, hence the unusual blog name.)

Blogger Links:

Blog || Instagram || Twitter || Goodreads

So guys hope you enjoyed this interview!

Blogger Spotlight: Guest post by Adhvika @ Books and Fiction

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you a guest post by Adhvika @ Books and Fiction about tips and tricks about bookstagram! So, without further ado…

Hey everyone this is Adhvika, @fangirlalert07_ on Instagram! If you haven’t heard of bookstagram, it is a booklovers community on instagram who share their love for books through pictures on Instagram.

I’ve been bookstagramming for almost a year now and have almost reached 2000 followers. I get messages, emails and requests all the time about my bookstagram and how I edit my pictures and how I gain followers on Instagram. So here are a few tips I’d like to share with all of you about editing pictures for bookstagram and how to make your photos look better and enhanced.

Tip 1: THEME
If you’re just starting bookstagram take it slow, click different pictures, don’t restrict yourself to a theme…explore different styles! Be brave. Try and improvise on these pictures over time until you find a style/theme you like best. Having a makes your bookstagram appear collected, well organised and pleasing to peoples eyes. I say this with experience, having a theme helps and if you’re bored, no problem, change your theme. You can keep changing your theme as many times as you like it is completely dependent upon you. And don’t restruct yourself to a theme unless and until you absolutely loveeeee it!

One of the most important ways to gain followers or viewers on instagram is to be involved in the community and interact with your fellow book lovers, like their pictures, comment on them, share your thoughts!

Download a software for editing your pictures it can be any app! From photoshop, to VSCO or any other app you like. I use VSCO. It has pretty good filters and enhancing factors.

But first you have to click good quality pictures, use a decent camera, mobile camera works just fine, I have been using a mobile camera since forever but see to it that the picture is clear and sharp, you can increase the sharpness while editing it.

Try enhancing factors such as: brightness, sharpness, contrast features, shadows, etc. Editing helps a lot. When I first started Bookstagramming my pictures were very dull and that’s when I discovered VSCO! It’s my personal opinion that you guys should use this app, its great and it’s very easy to use and your pictures look a whole lot better.

Filters instantly make your pictures appear better and more attractive! The trick is to choose the right filter. One that isn’t too bright for the eye a perfect filter that isn’t too dull or boring but had the best impact on your photo! Filters are a great way to uplift your pictures and make them look more beautiful with the least effort.

Many people have been victims of stolen content plenty of times on bookstagram! I recommend watermarking each and every picture of yours. Even if according to you the picture doesn’t need a watermark, you still should, people steal any content! Watermarking ensures that this doesn’t happen. I have also started watermarking my pictures and honestly it has a very nice personalised touch to it and it says that it belongs to me. Even though sometimes I feel extremely lazy to do it, I will myself to!

These were some tips for bookstagram and how to maintain a beautiful bookstagram account. Hope you guys find these tips useful and make good use of them. Check out my bookstagram account:

A huge thanks to Poulami for this opportunity, it was very fun doing this post.

Blogger Bio:

IMG-20170122-WA0035Hey! I’m Adhvika and I’m 14 years old. I’m in the 9th grade and have been a voracious reader since I was a toddler. I love reviewing books as much as I love reading them!

You can email me anytime if you want to discuss books or want me to review your book! My email id:

Find her at:

Blog || Instagram

So guys, what do you think? Did you find this post helpful?

Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Liesje @ A Thousand Lives!

Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you an awesome Q&A by Liesje @ A Thousand Lives! Don’t forget to check out her blog!

1. Tell us a little about your blog and how you first got into blogging?

My blog is called A Thousand Lives. I blog about books and my travel experiences. Before I started blogging, I loved talking about my reading adventures. But I noticed few people around me were as passionate about the books. Let’s say we weren’t really on the same page.

Bad pun. Sorry.

Then my sister gave me the idea of starting a blog. I have always been intrigued by the idea of having a blog, but I was very hesitant and not confident enough to take the step.
One day I had enough of my worries and told myself that I should simply see what happens. And here I am, still in love with blogging since the moment I started!

2. Have you ever been in a blogging slump? If yes, how do you overcome it?

I have been in a blogging slump. It’s not fun, not at all. I had a feeling that I had nothing to say and what I was writing wasn’t interesting. I decided to take it slow and not post as much as I normally did. I really didn’t enjoy putting off blogging, but in the end, it helped me. After a while, I missed blogging like before and decided to put more time in it again. And that’s how I overcame it!

3. Name three of your most awaited reads this year.

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas, Literally by Lucy Keating, When dimple met rishi by Sandhya Menon.

4. Tell us the one bookish destination you love absolutely love to visit.

I’m very curious to see Caraval in real life. Although the book didn’t impress me very much, I still thought that the world of Caraval was very interesting and I would love to explore it.

5. What are your interests outside blogging?

Traveling, music, going out with friends, writing & reading, photography, pilates, interior design, shopping.

6. Can you name a few of your book boyfriends?

Will Herondale (a classic) and Warner are my two ultimate book boyfriends.

7. What is your most favourite and least favourite thing as a blogger?

My most favorite thing about being a blogger is the chance to meet new, amazing people every day. I never could’ve imagined how positive and inspiring this community could be.

My least favorite thing is the insecurity I have about myself as a blogger. I recently made a post about that (hint hint ;)).

8. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

I hope that I’ll still be busy with blogging. It’s my wildest dream to turn my blog into my job. But in the meantime, I am very happy with what I have now.

Now, time for some quick questions. You ready? Let’s go!

Coffee or tea?

Tea, I don’t drink coffee.

Fantasy or Contemporary?

Fantasy. But I appreciate contemporary also, but less than fantasy.

Pizza or burgers?


Cats or dogs?

Cats. They are my spirit animal, haha.

Hogwarts or Narnia?


Blogger Bio:

Liesje of A Thousand Lives is an almost-adult blogging about books and her travels. In her spare time, she devours books, listens to music non-stop and attempts to draw or paint. And of course, she blogs.

Follow her on:

Blog || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Pinterest

Soo I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you an awesome Q&A by Lauren @ SERIESous Book Reviews! Don’t forget to check out her blog!

1. Tell us a little about your blog and how you first got into blogging?

I credit two things with my starting a book blog: Goodreads & the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver.

I say Goodreads because it reminded me that there was a medium out there for book reviews. I figured, hey, I read a lot of books; friends ask me what to read all the time; I enjoy writing, I should get on that! So I decided I would write Goodreads reviews for books I read and post them on the site.

Then, I read the last book of the Requiem, the last book in the Delirium Trilogy and hated it! I felt so let down that I had invested 3 years of my life waiting for these books to come out only to be completely let down by the finale! I wondered if there was any what I could have avoided that and tried to Google blogs that review book series as a whole. I couldn’t find any that did it exclusively and so I decided to do one myself!

Thus, I started up SERIESous Book Reviews (I love puns!) to review series on a “to-read” or “not-to-read” basis (I also love Hamlet). Of course, I review new book series that only have the first novel out as well as standalones. I also love movies, so I write reviews on book-to-movie adaptions too!

2. What is your most and least favourite thing as a book blogger?

I actually really enjoy the HTML aspect of being a blogger. When I was younger I really got into HTML and graphic aspects of Neopets and I realized the blogging (years later) filled that void for me. One of the reasons I really wanted to self-host my blog once it was established was to get more control over my blog’s formatting and play around with the graphics.It’s fun trying to format book lists in an interesting way!

Believe it or not, I have a hard time writing 5 star reviews sometimes! Because I don’t write in spoilers, it’s hard to provide evidence for why a book is amazing when you can’t fully explain it. And I also don’t want to just be a raving fan-girl throughout the review either; I want my reviews to have a little substance between the fan-girling.

3. What genre is your favorite and why?

The New Adult (NA) genre as a whole is definitely my favourite genre right now. Specially, contemporary romances. It’s funny because I really don’t enjoy YA contemporaries at all. I think because I am closer to the characters in age and experience, I can relate to the stories in NA so much more.

YA high fantasy though is a close second 😉

4. How many books do you read in a month – roughly?

I average 15-20 books in a month. But now that I’m no longer a student and am starting my career this month, I’m really not sure how many I’ll be able to manage now.

5. Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest recently and why?

Jamie Howard is one of my new favourite authors and I wish more people would talk about her! She writes some stellar NA stories. Honestly, I think I’ve given all her books 5/5. They are phenomenal.
Piper Lawson (a fellow Canadian) also writes fantastic NA contemporary romances as well. Her novels get better every time I pick them up!

6. Is there a particular movie or TV series that you prefer or preferred over the book version?

I think the Princess Bride movie is the best example of a great movie adaption. Sure, it helps that the author wrote the screenplay so it is just fantastic. The same goes for The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The Maze Runner and Stardust are movies that I enjoyed so much more than the books.

7. Have you read a book that you would like to rewrite the ending of?

I’m going to go with The Crown by Kiera Cass and it’s not just because Eadlyn ends up with the guy I didn’t want to be picked (though that is a big part). The whole novel was just so, so rushed to me and I found the ending to be so disappointing. You could have done a lot with this entire world (one of my peeves with the original series as well) and I feel like Cass dropped the ball with this last installment.

Oh, and Requiem by Lauren Oliver. I would really appreciate some closure with that world.

8. Do you have a favorite book cover? Chose up to 3 if you like.

How’s a girl to choose!
1) A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (honestly the whole series)
2) Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley
3) The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Now, time for some quick questions. You ready? Let’s go!

Coffee or tea?

Dystopia or Fantasy?
Fantasy (though this could really go either way!)

Pizza or burgers?

Cats or dogs?

Hogwarts or Narnia?

Blogger Bio:

My name is Lauren and I’m the blogger behind SERIESous Book Reviews! I’ve been blogging for nearly 4 years, focusing mostly on book series and reviewing them as a whole, instead of one book at a time. I’m a proud Canadian (yes: that means I eat ice cream in -20°C weather, apologize a lot and drop the occasional “eh” into conversation)and live in a place that’s best summed up as “a small town south of Toronto”. I adore anything with Shakespeare in it; I love to travel the world (Australia is next!) and I’m only slightly addicted to Netflix. Oh, and I guess you could say I read a lot of books!

Follow her on:

Twitter || Bloglovin’ || Goodreads || Blog

Soo I hope you guys enjoy the interview!

Blogger Spotlight: Guest Post by Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

For this month’s edition, I bring you a guest post by Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books. So, without further ado…

Bookish locations I’d love to visit!

Books have this amazing power to take us away – literally. In the matter of a few pages, we can find ourselves immersed into a whole other world, and feeling confused whenever we look up again because WHERE has the fantastic world gone? Because, we, dreamers and readers, always need to escape a bit more, here’s my little compilation of bookish locations I would love to visit – maybe for a couple days. Or months. Or, years, you know, to discover all of its treasures and gorgeousness.

  • The Londons from ADSOM / AGOS-

I don’t know whether or not I should be talking singular, or plural on that one. I mean, if I’d love to visit Black London, I wouldn’t want to stay even for one day. Just for one second, to see the creepiness of it all, maybe. Probably. Or maybe I’d be too much of a wuss to ever consider that happening. Okay so strike what I said before. SINGULAR here, because I want to dream here about the majestic, and incredible RED LONDON. This magic, these people, this overall feeling that anything can happen in the air. Plus, the thrill of the London city. AND the thrill of being in the same place as Kell and Rhy. I love these boys.

  • Cabeswater from The Raven Cycle-


A dream place, an impossible place, a gorgeous forest filled with possibilities, time-stopping moments and a sense of being completely out of the real world. For an escape, now Cabeswater is the perfect place. Also, if I just happen to run into one of these lovely Raven boys on my way here, well…I wouldn’t be too mad about it.

  • Luna, from The Lunar Chronicles-


Funny thing: I am not the biggest fan of everything space-related – yet I picked Luna, so you’re probably wondering why I’d want to leave Earth. There’s something fascinating about Luna. Its people, its glamour, its way of living.

  • Hogwarts, from Harry Potter-

Pretty obvious pick, isn’t it? But WHO never dreamed of visiting Hogwarts, walking in its halls, eating in its diner hall, cheering on a Quidditch game from the bleachers? Taking a stroll in the Forbidden Forest -or maybe not? It’s already been said about a gazillion time, but J.K. Rowling created a world we all want to discover someday, going through the 9 ¾ platform at King’s Cross Station.

  • The Golden Compass-


I couldn’t do a piece like that without mentioning my favorite book as a child, the His Dark Materials series. There are so many incredible things about the world-building in that series, I wouldn’t even know where to start. I want the dirigeables, I want the daemons, I want the Oxford colleges and erudits. I want to visit the world where the possibilities seem endless.

Lets Chat

So Marie and I both want to know, which of these places would you like to visit? Which ones would you like to avoid at all costs? What is, according to you, the book with one of the best world-buildings ever?

Blogger Spotlight: Interview with Raven @ Dreamy Addictions

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Hey guys! Today is the first post of my new feature- Blogger Spotlight. This feature is going to contain interviews, guest post, and other fun stuff! So stay tuned for more fun in the future.

This feature is inaugurated by Raven @ Dreamy Addictions. Don’t forget to check out her awesome blog!

1. Tell us a little about your blog and how you first got into blogging?

I think most of the bloggers can relate to my story. I’ve been an avid reader of books since young but none of my friends or family share quite the passion that I do, so blogging is my only outlet to share my thoughts and opinions about books. Hence the birth of my little blog, Dreamy Addictions. At first, I wanted to create a blog about books, music and manga but I didn’t know managing a blog is so much harder than I thought it would be. So, for now, I post only bookish stuff like book reviews, blog tours, weekly memes and book tags.

2. What is your most and least favourite thing as a book blogger?

My most favourite thing about being a book blogger would be connecting with the other bloggers and book lovers from all around the world and also making friends. Seriously, it’s a great feeling being in a bookish community and fangirling with another bookworm who’s also crazy about books as much as I am. If you’re lucky maybe you could connect with your favourite author too.

My least favourite thing as a book blogger is giving negative reviews and also the added pressure when I’m very much behind on posting reviews. I love book blogging but sometimes it can be pain in the ass.

3. What are your interests outside blogging?

  • Reading…duh!!!

  • Listening Music.

  • Watching action movies and K-Dramas.

  • I like to sing but I’m not great singer either.

  • Sleeping! Yep, I love sleeping 🙂

4. Suppose you could invite five fictional characters to your New Year party, who would it be?

Hmm…I would invite Celaena from Throne of Glass series, Kenji from Shatter Me Trilogy, Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy Series, Penryn from Angelfall and finally Shazi from the wrath and the dawn series. These are all my favourite characters who are kickass, cool, friendly and so much fun to hang out with and it would definitely make an awesome party for me.

5. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

Honestly, I have no idea but I would like to be a successful happy blogger and nothing more.

6. How do you get out of a reading slump?

I rarely have a reading slump but If I had one then I would take a break for a few days and later pick up an action packed and Thrilling fantasy book that would get me out of my slump.

7. What have been your 3 favorite books to review since you started?

There are actually lots of books to choose from but If I had to pick only three books then I would choose
ACOTAR By Sarah J. Mass, V GIRL By Mya Roberts, The Storm And The Silence By Robert Thier.

8. If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you want with you?

Only 3 Books??? That’s really hard! Maybe I should just pick “How to survive on a deserted Island guide” ha ha… I’m just kidding! 😀 Okay then, I would pick The Bible, The Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

9. Is there a particular movie or TV series that you preferred over the book version?

I think books are always the better version and I haven’t found any movie that surpassed a book yet.

10. Name 3 of your most favourite authors.

  • Jennifer Armentrout, Author of Lux series,

  • Sarah J. Mass, Author of Throne of Glass Series, and

  • Richelle Mead, Author of Vampire Academy Series.

Now, time for some quick questions. You ready? Let’s go!

Coffee or tea?

Dystopia or Fantasy?
Fantasy! I also love Dystopia but Fantasy would always be my first preference.

Young Adult or New Adult?
Young Adult, always!

Pizza or burgers?
Pizza! It’s always the best food of all time. 😀

Vanilla or chocolate?
I love Chocolate!!!

Hogwarts or Narnia?
Definitely, Narnia because I love Aslan and I also like Adventure more than Wizard stuff.


img_20161225_02Hi, My Name is Raven! I’m a computer science student and also a book blogger from India who loves to geek out on books. My favourite genres are YA, NA, fantasy, dystopia and paranormal romance. Besides being a book lover, I’m also a huge animal lover who loves spending her time with her dogs. I’m a very spontaneous, funny and friendly person and I love making new friends so don’t feel shy to add me.

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