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Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also, be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today I wanted to talk about-

So, today I wanted to talk about my top 10 bookish pet peeves considering only the physical aspects. The bookish part will be for some other day. So without ado, let’s jump onto the list!

1. Cover or height change in mid-series

Ugh! These are the worst! The very worst. And yes, my TMI set does not match. 😦 I hate it so freaking much when a cover design or the height doesn’t match the rest of the series. I remember when I was talking about this aspect with some of my (non-bookish) friends, they were like, what’s the big deal and I was left gaping! I mean… you guys get it. When my bookish package arrives, and I savagely tear open my packet, wait no, I don’t do that with my babies. I sit down patiently with a pair of scissors and cut it carefully so that my precious is not hurt at all.

But the moment I see the height or the cover is different, my heart breaks. It’s literally an assault on my heart. Why do these publishers and designers not get that? Why? So now, when I buy books I actually even check the size of the covers before proceeding to checkout. Oh, the things we do for books.

2. Stickers on book covers

Oh, this sucks on a massive scale. They are just a hindrance to the beautiful book cover and the ones that are actually embedded on the cover and can’t be taken off are the worst. Whether they are some kind of movie promotion or denoting the number of books in the series, it’s just unacceptable.

Yes, I know it is the freaking second book. You could’ve just written book 2 under the title or just the number 2 on the spine. But no oh, you had to ruin the cover. Sighs.

3. Broken spines

I once accidentally broke the spine of my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book, it is the thickest book in the series but I should have been more careful, I still have nightmares.

Every time I look at my shelf….

4. Movie covers on books

This is another horrific aspect. If I haven’t yet bought a book that I want to read and the movie is announced, I usually grab the earliest opportunity to buy the book before it becomes the latest victim of the movie cover massacre like these were.


5. Zoomed on faces

I usually hate faces on book covers, whether it’s an actor/actress or any model’s. And the zoomed in ones are so freaking bad. Just like these…


Although I loved the movie cover edition of Before I Fall. It was way better than this one.

6. Ugly Book Covers

The earlier stated factor usually result in this mess. But sometimes there are ones that don’t make a single ounce of sense and it ultimately doesn’t match with the story’s overall motif which is clearly visible in the above three book covers. I mean, what am I supposed to so with these zoomed on faces?

7. Books without a blurb on the back cover

Why? Oh, why do you have a problem just printing a two-three line synopsis on the back cover? I am one of those people who always read the synopsis before starting the book. Now, I am all set to go and boom, there’s no info on the back and instead, it is filled with praises and stuff. And, I have to go to Goodreads all over again just to check the blurb.

And apparently, this doesn’t even have an actual back thingy…

8. The statement “Perfect for the fans of…”

I hate this. Seriously. Each book is unique in their own way and when this statement is there, the whole point of the uniqueness is kind of blatantly disregarded. I don’t know what kind of marketing strategy is that but that usually repels me from a book rather than making it more intriguing and attractive.

9. Dog-eared pages

Horrifying. Just horrifying. The people who do these are monsters. Some may be adorable little monsters but they are still the monsters.

10. Scribbling on the pages

I like my books shiny and clean. I even hate a tiny scratch on a page and it really irks me even I accidentally do that, which maybe has happened for 0.01% of the time. Oh, this applies when eating or drinking. I have to be super duper careful to avoid any kind of stain on the precious pages otherwise I’m a goner…

So, guys what are your bookish pet peeves? Be sure to let me know!


30 thoughts on “Daydreaming Discussions: Bookish Pet Peeves! || The Physical Aspect

  1. Oh lovely post! I’m not such a fan of any of these things either – I’m always so wary of the “perfect for fans of” mention, it makes a bit sad because, whenever I see that, obviously I have expectations and most of the time, they are not met. Misleading blurbs are the worst!

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  2. YOU LITERALLY JUST SPOKE MY SOUL IN THIS POST!!!!!! LIKE ALLLLLLLL OF IT!! i did not disagree with you once lol. i think my biggest peeve though of all of these is the statement “perfect for the fans of”…like if it’s not a retelling, DO NOT SAY IT. especially when they compare it to a book that i simply did not like, it’s really hard for me to pick it up if they are being compared. amazing post! i love this one so much lol ❤

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  3. OMG, I totally agree with everything you’ve listed! I mostly hate Scribbling on the pages and crinkling the paperback cover! I know so many readers wouldn’t care about it and that’s why I hate buying used books. I always handle my books with care even while reading because they’re all my little babies. I love buying physical books that has beautiful cover on it but I would definitely get disappointed if there isn’t a synopsis on the back. It’s too bad that half bad doesn’t have a synopsis on the back because I wanted to buy that book and now I’m not sure.
    Great Post! 🙂

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    • Yes! It’s the same with me. I have a few second-hand paperbacks which I picked up on a sale a few years ago and they are still collecting dust on my shelf.
      It’s a little irritating isn’t it, when there’s no blurb? I don’t get why some publishers do that either.
      Anyway, thanks Raven!! ❤

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  4. Books without blurbs are the worst things. I know I can go look it up, but why is it not just there to begin with?? It also sucks when book covers change. As for the rest of your list, I’m generally cool with the state of books. Breaking the spine, dog-eared pages and all that doesn’t phase me – just shows me the book was loved!

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  5. OMG POULAMI, I HAVEN’T BEEN TO YOUR BLOG NOT IN READER IN FOREVER AND IT’S SO GORGEOUS. Okay I feel oblivious but how long have you had the new logo (this could be really embarrassing if you’ve always had it but I swear I don’t remember it…)? Ughhhh yes I know right the zoomed in faces covers are awful, awful, awful. The only one I probably don’t mind is If I Stay but besides that…ICK the Everything Everything movie cover is DISGUSTING. BUT since I was such a hardcore Divergent fangirl way back, I can not say I don’t admire a cover with Shai and Theo on it. 😂😂

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      Well, you are not wrong, the logo and the different stuff in the sidebar are all pretty new.
      Yes, I agree with that. The movie-book cover of If I Stay is actually pretty good. Although both the actors of Everything, Everything are gorgeous but somehow the cover so bland and just ugly.
      Haha, I understand that. 🙂

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  6. Mmmh when you stop publishing a series whereas in other languages it’s still going on! That’s what happened with the French translation of The Throne of Glass by SJM. Can you believe it!!! My daughter was desperate. So Not Cool!

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  7. hahaha that Supernatural gif just about sums it up!! Ahh yes I can’t stand when there’s no blurb on the cover- it’s not just mysterious, it’s a pain!! And gosh yes publishers need to stop putting “for fans of” on books- it’s so off-putting. I always feel like it backfires, cos if it’s compared to a book I like, I overhype it in my mind, but sometimes it’s compared to something I don’t even like and that is super offputting!! And I hate ugly/film related book covers!!

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  9. I’m guilty of broken spines and dogeared pages 🙈 I really love when books look well loved so those don’t really bother me. However I absolutely DESPISE stickers on book covers. They are so annoying and I HATE when they ruin the cover when you try to get them
    off. I don’t mind destroying my books with how much I read them, but I don’t need some tacky and pointless sticker doing it for me 😂

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