Collab (Discussion): The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging!

Hey there guys! I recently collaborated with Fernanda @ Mystery Date with a Book. Don’t forget to visit her awesome blog! Anyway, together, we bring you-


🔷 The community – I love how friendly and welcoming everyone has been since I began blogging. When I first started, about a year ago, I read a few blog posts about trolls and people who simply had too much time in their hands leaving rude comments on people’s blogs, but my experience has been the complete opposite! And I love my followers for it! Everyone has been so supportive of my (sometimes silly) ideas, that they drive me forward and encourage me to keep coming back to this little URL which I like to call my own.

🔶 Keeping up to date with book releases – My Reader feed is filled with new and exciting book reviews… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! So when there’s a big book release coming up all those wonderful book bloggers will keep me up to date.

🔷 Being able to give your opinion on all things book related – It’s not often that you can say exactly what you want in life, but when it comes to books, the blogosphere is like a giant stage and the mic is in your hands. Just let it all out. Here you can voice your opinion on something you’ve read, no matter how controversial your opinion might be. Your blog is YOUR stage. You set the rules.

🔶 Giveaways! – Aaaahhhh! Enough said… haha!

🔷 Fangirling- Oh the joy of meeting people with the same book taste and gushing about it together. It is simply the best feeling and definitely one of the best parts of book blogging! Before blogging I had nobody to share my bookish love with but now… 🙂

🔶 Getting Recommendations- One of the major plus points of blogging is getting recommendations every other day. Whether it is a new release or an old one, you are never short on the matter about what to read next.


🔷 Pressure to post frequently – I don’t know if it’s just me or does anybody else feel pressured into posting as often as possible? I used to post a lot more frequently before I started working, but now there’s so much going on that I don’t always have time to post, and that’s ok. As I said before: My blog, my rules 

🔶 The importance people give to stat numbers – Now, I’ll be the first to raise my hands and admit that yes, I do look at my blog stats on a daily basis. I’ve always kind of liked numbers. They just make sense to me. So blog stats seem like a logical unbiased way of measuring how your blog is doing, right? WRONG! You don’t need high stats (AKA thousands of views per month) in order to be a successful blogger. If you do what makes you happy, then you are successful. It’s that simple. Even if you want to turn your blog into a business and earn a living from it, you can still do it without those super high stats. Just down go down the same route everyone else is taking. Be creative! Be you!

🔷 Blog envy – Haha! Yes, I’m guilty of having “blog envy”! Let me explain, I think envy, in general, is an ugly thing, especially when it comes out as a vicious act or poisonous words. But if your blog envy is more like a sense of admiration and awe towards other bloggers then it could actually be a good thing! It can push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to come up with brilliant ideas on how to improve your own blog!

🔶 ARCs (Advanced Review Copies)- We can’t deny the fact that one of the biggest parts of being a book blogger is that we have access to advanced review copies. As much as they are a boon, too many ARCs hamper the joy of reading as well, especially when we have to review it by a particular time limit.

🔷 Time Consuming- I really wish blogging was a super easy job. Yes, we love it so much but nobody can deny that it’s pretty time-consuming. It takes loads of time to format the posts, find accurate pictures and gifs and then there’s the actual writing.

🔶 Blogging Burnout- When all of the cons get too much, we suffer from blogging burnout. During that time, inspiration doesn’t come easily and there are times we just want to give up on blogging. But it is important to remember why we started blogging in the first place, for our own self, because we love books and love gushing about it and it makes us feel happy. And in the end, that’s what matters the most.

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So, guys what are your thoughts on book blogging? Agree or disagree?


21 thoughts on “Collab (Discussion): The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging!

  1. YES YES YES and yes. I literally agree with this whole post! I am actually in a bit of an ARC situation at the moment. I very impulsively requested a bunch on netgalley thinking I wouldn’t get approved for them and now that I have I’m drowning in ARC’s I need to read an review. It does take some of the enjoyment out of reading when you know you have to read a book by a certain date. I will not make this mistake again! Great post ❤

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  2. AGREED on the posting pressure part! I genuinely feel guilty when I either don’t get time, or just forget to post for ages. I just love this post in general – thank you for writing it! XD

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  3. Yes to the recommendations! My TBR would not be as big as it is if it wasn’t for all the blogs I follow. Whether it’s finding out about new books or trying books I was on the fence about–my TBR is totally influenced by my fellow bloggers 😛

    ARC envy though is like the plague for me. I think I’ve reached the point where I’m comfortable with my stats (ie not checking them all the time) but the envy is so real for me!

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  5. You nailed it Poulami! I agree with everything. And yes there is pressure and I have to remind me my blog my rules or just do what makes you happy. I wrote two posts on blogging. One was the plugin’s sirens call and I explained how two geeks help me out of my misery. In the second post where I compare my blogger life to Disney movies I also mentioned the incredible support bloggers give freely. So yes I think you had everything right. I’m now adding your friend’s site to the blogs I follow. 😉

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  7. What an awesome collaboration! I agree with most of what you both came up with. The community is certainly the highlight to blogging. A lot of my in real life friends are worried with the amount of time I spend on the internet between chatting with blogosphere friends, keeping up with my blogging, and watching dramas/anime… but I love all of it, haha. And I’m so feeling the burnout with trying to read ARCs in time for their release dates. Blog tours are fun but they’re kind of stressful too. >.< And yes to blog envy! Lately, I've had thoughts of going self hosted since so many of the people I started out blogging with have made the decision to upgrade. XD


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    • Yeah, I totally understand, I kinda get that from my mom and I’m trying to read arcs as less as possible, it’s hard to resist but it has been good so far.
      Oh yes, self-hosting was there but it kind of suddenly flared much more, but for now, I’m okay with this. Maybe after getting a real job, I might think about this but for now I’m going to keep doing what I am.
      Thanks for dropping by Summer! ❤

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