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Title: Hate 2 Lovers
Author: K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield
Series: 2 Lovers, book 2
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Heat Rating: Pretty Warm
Page Count and Format: 286 pages, Ebook
Published: April 4th, 2017
Source: I received an eARC of this book for the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.
My Rating:

Blurb (from Goodreads):

She hates him and his big head.
He likes her and her big t*ts.

She hates him because she somehow ends up naked every time she sees him.
He likes her because she somehow ends up naked every time he sees her.

She hates him because the big oaf knocked her up with his kid.
He likes her because she’s carrying his child.

She hates the way he gets inside her head.
He likes the way she lets him see glimpses of her heart.

Andie: I hate you.
Roman: I know…but I’m going to change that.

***This is book two in the series. It is best if you read book one first to fully understand this couple’s story.***

Ah, this book was a wild ride! I absolutely loved Roman and Andie in the first book and this book was no different. When I read this book would be better to understand if I had read book 1, I quickly picked up the first book and damn I enjoyed it so much. Although this book can be read as a standalone, it was the best decision to read the first book and because of that I truly understood the dynamics of their relationship and how it actually started. You can read my review of book 1: Text 2 Lovers, here.

For Andie and Roman, it was hate at first sight. Those two just can’t stop fighting with each other which eventually leads to “other things” every single time. Now, Andie’s pregnant with his child and they both don’t have a clue about parenting. But Roman wants to fight for her, for them. Would a future together be remotely possible for a couple like them?

The plot of this book was very enjoyable. With Andie and Roman, there’s no end of craziness. When Andie declares that she is pregnant, it quite came as a shocking surprise because neither Roman nor I was expecting that. But it definitely added a new flavour to their relationship. Andie thought Roman would freak out after hearing this news and she was right but he was happily freaked out which made me so damn happy. He was outright ready to take all responsibilities and support Andie in all way possible. Andie being Andie, it took her a whole lot of time to understand that.

I absolutely loved the relationship between Andie and Roman, although both of them were totally crazy but they couldn’t have been more perfect for each other. Roman was the one who completely understood Andie, he was such a swoon-worthy guy! Andie was too quick to judge sometimes which I didn’t like much but it was freaking hilarious how that matter got resolved.

I loved the glimpses of Dani and Ram, they were adorable as ever and the one character I really hated was Frank. What he did was totally wrong but Andie’s reason for payback didn’t sit well with me. I wish she would have taken any other ways to take her revenge for Dani. The last incident really scared me and I was so relieved to know how things turned out. We also got to see a little bit of Regan, Ram and Roman’s sister and Linc, Andie’s step-brother in this story and the start of their friendship and I sooo want more!

Overall, Hate 2 Lovers was an enjoyable read. I loved how the plot was executed and the characters kept me entertained throughout the book. The chemistry between Andie and Roman was off the charts! The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book. I seriously can’t wait for Linc and Reagan’s story!!

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Author Bios and Links:

K. Webster-

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

Website || Blog || Twitter || Facebook || Goodreads

J.D. Hollyfield-

Creative designer, mother, wife, writer, part-time superhero…

J.D. Hollyfield is a creative designer by day and superhero by night. When she is not trying to save the world one happy ending at a time, she enjoys the snuggles of her husband, son and three doxies. With her love for romance, and head full of book boyfriends, she was inspired to test her creative abilities and bring her own story to life.

Life in a Rut, Love not Included is her Debut Novel. J.D. Hollyfield lives in the Midwest, and is currently at work on blowing the minds of readers, with the additions of her new books and series, along with her charm, humor and HEA’s.

Website || Facebook || Twitter || Newsletter || Pinterest || Instagram


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Review: Text 2 Lovers by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield || When wrong texting couldn’t be more right

Title: Text 2 Lovers
Author: K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield
Series: 2 Lovers, book 1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Adult]
Heat Rating: Pretty Warm
Page Count and Format: 207 pages, Ebook
Published: January 21st, 2017
Source: Purchased
My Rating:

Blurb (from Goodreads):

It’s the start of nothing good.
I fired off a storm of raunchy text messages…to the wrong number.
And he replied.
Him: Show me a picture.
Him: Tell me your name.
Why does the lure of anonymity have me craving to indulge a stranger?

It’s the start of everything right.
I received a slew of text messages…when everything in my life was wrong.
And she made me laugh again.
Her: You’re probably a creeper.
Her: Possibly a stalker.
Why do I have the overwhelming need to find this stranger who saved me and make her mine?

Him: Take a chance with me.
Her: This is crazy.
Him: I need to see you.
Her: What are we doing?
Him: We’re about to find out.


This book was such an amazing read! K. Webster has quickly made into my list of favourite authors and now I am definitely keeping an eye out for J.D. Hollyfield’s books as well!

While trying to text her ex-boyfriend with the help of liquid courage, Dani fires off her messages to the wrong number. When the wrong number replies back, she can’t stop texting him and neither can he. Ram’s life has been in the rock bottom until the texts from the wrong number start coming in. He can’t stop himself from wanting more. What starts off as some simple texting quickly turns into something more but when Ram’s surfaces, will they both be strong enough to handle it?

This story was so much fun to read about. This started off as a bit predictable but then in took me on a completely different ride. I definitely enjoyed the plot of this book. I immediately took a liking to Dani and I could even relate to her a little. She is someone who is too nice but with the help of her best friend, Andie and some liquid courage, she finally decides to call out on her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her but instead, it ends up going to the wrong number. Ram and Dani have instant chemistry which I absolutely loved. Their texts were so funny, especially Dani’s who sometimes blabbered too much, but it was damn adorable and hilarious.

I was never bored for a second and it was quite difficult to out this book down. When Ram wanted to meet up, Dani was reluctant but the universe kept throwing them together and damn it was absolutely perfect how they finally met. Their exchanges were so entertaining, I couldn’t stop laughing sometimes! I absolutely loved their romance. And Dani’s bff, Andie was sooo crazy, she and Ram’s big brother, Roman kind of developed a love/hate relationship which was an absolute blast to read about, those two were crazy but crazy good together.

I would have liked if Dani trusted Ram a little more but it was obvious what actually hurt her and I definitely agree that Ram should have come clean to her from the very first instead of hiding those facts. It was so amazing to see how they tackled the final situation and that last punch by Dani was just hilarious!

Overall, Text 2 Lovers was a fantastic read. The plot was executed neatly and I fell in love with the characters. I enjoyed the romance between Dani and Ram, they were such a perfect couple. The writing was smooth and easy to read and the pace was even throughout the book.

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