Cover Reveal: The Man Who Won the World by O.E. Boroni

Today, I present you the cover reveal of the new historical romance by O.E. Boroni!

oeboroni_book1Title: The Man Who Won the World

Author: O.E. Boroni

Series: The Man Who Won the World, book 1

Genre: Historical, Romance

Expected Publication: January 31st, 2017

Blurb (from Goodreads):

When you refuse to conform to the world you were born into, do you then create your own?

This is a story about a man who founded his own kingdom.

All Choi Jiyong knows is his carefree days hawking vegetables at the Namdong market, and his service as a jolly hand at a river-side tavern.

But one day, it all changes when he saves the life of a mysterious girl.

Suddenly, he is plunged into a world of political rivalry, deadly turmoil, and incomprehensible tragedy. However, what he thinks is just an end to life as he has known it, becomes the start of his journey towards a destiny that has been ordained in his name: his hand will bring to its knees, dynasties that have been since the beginning of time.

This is a tale of supernatural forces, of love and of guilt, of revenge and of truth. Wars will arise and kingdoms will fall, kings will become victims, and slaves will become gods.

Author’s note: This is a historical/period romance novel set in Korea in the 900’s.

Teaser Quote:



Author Bio:

I currently live in England. My days are spent in the Project Management field while my nights are spent with books. I’m either reading them or writing the ones that I want to read. My favorite things and in this particular order are books, Korean dramas, ice cream, and people who smile through everything. I consistently tell people that these are the four things they need to be happy but do they believe me?

No! Well I believe me, and you should too.

I absolutely love hearing from my readers so feel free to leave me a message at any time.

Author Links:

Website || Twitter

Lets Chat

So guys what do you think about this cover? Have you read any other book by this author? Are you interested in reading this one?


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