Daydreaming Discussions- Thoughts on Rereading.


Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today’s topic is-


Today I wanted to discuss how rereading affects our bookish life. So hear goes…


1. Reignites our love for the book

When we reread a book, we fall in love with that book or series once again. Re-exploring those worlds, meeting our favourite characters is such a wonderful feeling.

I reread the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare a few months ago and boy I freaking loooved it so much!

2. The next book in the series is coming out

It’s the most common reason to reread a book, sometimes we can’t remember what actually happened in the previous book and the sequel is coming out pretty soon. It’s a good reason to reread the other books in the series because it jogs our memory otherwise the sequel feels like a jumbled mess of confusion.

Oh it happened to me before. I couldn’t find a single review or anything to remind me of the key ingredients of the previous book and I was mostly confused through the sequel. If you are like me and you easily forget details about a book, it’s better to reread the previous book(s) rather than be in confusion which stops us from enjoying the sequel as well.

3. Old favourites can surprise

If you are in a book slump or perhaps don’t have any new books by your side (I know… this rarely happens! but…), it’s a good time to reread an old favourite. It brings back a level of comfort and also our happy place.

4. More Insight

Before I started blogging, I don’t think I used to read critically but after I joined the bookish community, a lot of my bookish habits have changed, so reading a book the second or third time definitely gives a different perspective about the book and we can look at it with a new insight.

5. Movie adaptation is coming out

I usually read the book just before the movie comes out and it’s so much fun to watch after reading the book. But if a book has been read a long time before the movie, rereading helps to refresh our memory.


1. You already know what’s coming next

Even if we have forget most of the part, when we start rereading some parts start coming back so it doesn’t remain as thrilling or exciting as the first time.

2. You may end up disliking it

Unfortunately this happens. Sometimes rereading a book after a lot of years may not give you the same feelings that you felt all those years ago and you may end up disliking the book or even hating it. 😦

For example, I want to reread the House of Night series but seriously it’s sooo long, it’s twelve freaking books but I am also afraid I may not harbour the same feelings towards the book I did all those years ago, so I don’t think I am going to be rereading that series anytime soon.

3. Time Consuming

Reading is time consuming and rereading is definitely more so. Who has the time to reread a book when there are countless books joining our TBR pile every day? It’s such a valid reason and I have used this one as well because seriously soooo many books, so less time.


It all comes down to our personal preference. I reread a book if it’s my absolute favourite and if reading that book again brings me a certain amount of joy. This is also a big reason why I prefer binge reading a series because then I don’t have to reread, so my time saves and I don’t forget the key details as well.

But if I loved a book, then I’ll definitely come back to it, no matter what.


So guys, what do you think about rereading? Do you love rereading or do you rarely do it? What are the some books you would love to reread?


18 thoughts on “Daydreaming Discussions- Thoughts on Rereading.

  1. In the past, I mostly reread books before the sequel came out so everything was fresh. But it was taking up SO MUCH time to do that. So, instead, I decided to keep notes on all books that I read so I can dive right into the sequel once it comes out.

    Since I’ve done that, I rarely reread books. But every once and a while I get this need to read a particular book just for fun. I dunno how it happens, I just start thinking about this book and how awesome it was and I get this desire to return to it. I get a similar thing with the movie Tangled–I’ve watched it at least once a year since it was released because I LOVE it!

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  2. Great points, Poulami! I have to admit that I’m a huge rereader, but lately only selectively because of the time issue. Now, I tend to just reread my favorite parts and be done with it. However, I used to enjoy rereading books in their entirety. On my list of books to reread would be Twilight, Harry Potter, and Tuck Everylasting just because it’s nearly been a decade (8 years-close enough) since I’ve last read those.

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  3. The number one reason I don’t usually reread is that it’s so time consuming! I have reread very few books (currently doing an ACOTAR reread) but I always do it because I loved the book and I already know it’s going to be amazing! I often do this after being disappointed by multiple books in a row. :/ Great post!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

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  4. this is such a great discussion 🙂 I used to re-read books, but now I rarely do anymore. Since I started book blogging, I am buying and wanting to read so many new books, it barely leaves time to get back to my old loves. And like you perfectly said, there is this constant worry that I won’t end up loving it just as much as before :/ So I’d rather keep the memory intact haha.

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