Daydreaming Discussions- How I Rate My Books!


Hey there guys! Welcome to Daydreaming Discussions. This is a monthly feature created by me where I discuss anything bookish related or sometimes it might be about any non-bookish things as well. Also be prepared for a lot of ramblings and rantings and you’re very welcome to be a part of the discussion.

Today’s topic is-


Rating a book includes a lot of factors and sub-factors. Today I’m going to list all the things that affects my rating of a book in a positive or a negative way. To view my rating system click here. Okay, now let’s jump right in!

1. Plot-

It’s a no-brainer that plot plays one of the most important role for us in deciding how to rate a book. For me, it’s the same, it plays a super important part because if a book lacks a solid plot, then there’s no point. I mean it’s the plot that structures how and where a story is going and maintains our interest otherwise all is lost my friend, all is lost.

Now there are some sub-factors under this which I also consider while rating a book as well.

i. Plot Twists-

I love unpredictable plot twists! I’ve seen many bloggers experts in determining the plot twists  (not me unfortunately!), I think it’s because it becomes familiar after a time because we read a lot of books and usually the guesses are on point. I usually try to refrain myself from guessing them but when a plot twist fails to surprise us, it’s a downer. But if it’s the opposite, then it becomes a HUGE plus point.

ii. World-building-

Mostly in fantasy/sci-fi/dystopia novels world building is a big factor. Like VERY BIG. Through world-building we become familiar with the world of the novel, it’s generally enjoyable and we become more interested about that particular world it but sometimes too much overdoing results in info dumping and it starts to seem the novel is moving at a too slow pace.

iii. Tropes-

Trope is  described as a commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés in creative works (yes, I kind of pasted this from wiki cause I’m lazy!). Like for example, the Mary Sue character, the tortured hero (I kind of love this though!) and the different kind of romantic tropes (click it to see my discussion post on the various romantic tropes). This sub-factor mainly depends on personal preference of every reader. For example, if a book has a love triangle (although I tend to avoid those) then I already loose some amount of joy because it’s my most hated trope although there are exceptions.


2. Characters-

The second most important factor or it’s better to say it plays an equally important role for me in deciding a book’s rating. I love it when a character is relatable or at least some aspect of his/her life is. I also love when the character knows what they want or they are not dependent on anyone. These are some of the points among others that I enjoy seeing in a character. And then there are some I feel like hugging to death…


3. Writing-

This undoubtedly plays a part because… uh you have to read it! I love when the writing is smooth and easy to read and follow what is going on. For example, I did not enjoy Tahereh Mafi’s writing in Shatter Me (black sheep here… blahh bhah!)  because it kind of felt I don’t have an exact word but bricky?  And  it also felt a little scattered to me which lowered my enjoyable factor a lot.


4. Pace-

Pace plays an important factor for me. I love fast paced novels, where something or the other is always happening and I have seen that I usually enjoy a book lot less if the pace is slow.



5. Enjoyment/Soul crunching factor-

This factor also varies for everybody as I might find something interesting but someone else might find it predictable. So it usually depends on personal preference. The enjoyment or the soul-crunching factor is absolutely necessary for me. Like if an incident occurs that tugs at my heart or… you get the point, then it results in me rating the book 5 star!

Like if something heartbreaking happens… or I might have just wanted to use this picture…


6. Expectations-

Last but not the least, expectations play a factor as well. Usually for hyped books, our expectations grow a lot but every book differs for everybody, so when it doesn’t meet our expectations then it’s a huge disappointment. Although for some books or authors that I’m trying for the first time, I try to go in low expectations and sometimes when it surprises us (in a good way that is) it’s an added bonus!

So here are my list of factors that affect my rating of a book!

What about you? What are the most and least important factor for you?


17 thoughts on “Daydreaming Discussions- How I Rate My Books!

  1. I agree with you about expectations. It’s hard to go into a book without expectations so those always factor my reviews a little. I think writing plays a factor for me as well.

    I would argue that plausibility is also a factor for me. I took a writing course where the instructor said that the situations and actions your characters take must be plausible. Most of the thing I don’t find that this is a problem and I definitely don’t go around fact-checking every book I read, but if a book suddenly spins off into an ideal that can kill it for me.

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  2. I take all of these into consideration when I write a book review. I don’t like when I read a negative review and the person doesn’t mention the author’s writing style. I think that should also be a consideration. I’ve never rated a book lower than 3 stars on Goodreads, but I’ve read books that deserved much less.

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  3. Ohh I love this post! I try and think about all of these before I am rating a book, but I will admit that I’m very quickly deciding on a rating, it’s mainly based on what I felt while I was reading the book. If the characters weren’t that good but the plot blew me away, well it will affect my rating differently etc etc. Great post! 🙂

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  4. Great discussion post, Poulami! I have to say that plot, characters, and pacing would be the most important factors for me. Things like world building and tropes are only secondary components I look at. And whether there’s romance is an extra bonus since I tend to enjoy them. 😉

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