Review: Winging It by Cate Cameron

Title: Winging It

Author: Cate Cameron

Series: Corrigan Falls Raiders, book 3 [Can be read as a standalone]

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 163 pages, Ebook

Expected Publication: May 16th 2016 by Entangled: Crush

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558655390

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, ice-melting kisses, and a swoon-worthy hero. This fake relationship romance will have you wishing for a hockey player of your own…

Natalie West and Toby Cooper were best friends growing up, on and off the ice. But when Toby’s hockey career took off, their friendship was left behind. Now Natalie has a crazy plan to land her crush—Toby’s biggest rival—and she needs Toby’s help to pull it off.

When Nat asks Toby to be her fake boyfriend, he can’t say no. Not when it means getting his best friend back. But Natalie is all grown up now, and spending time with her—even when it’s just playing hockey together—stirs up a lot of feelings, old and new. Suddenly pretending to be interested in her isn’t hard at all…if only she wanted him and not his enemy.

Hockey tore them apart. Can it put them back together?


I don’t know it was for me or the book but I didn’t feel much about this book! I’ve always wanted to read the first two books in this series, so when I saw the opportunity for the third book I grabbed it! I really wanted to like it but unfortunately I was sadly disappointed.  😦

Nat aka Natalie and Toby had been friends forever and they shared their mutual love for hockey. But when Toby’s hockey career took off, they got drifted apart. Nat has a huge crush on Toby’s cousin and his rival- Scott, and to make him notice her, she makes a crazy plan about fake dating Toby to which he eventually agrees. But the more time Toby spends with her, the more he starts falling for her. Can he tell Nat the truth in time or will it be already too late for that?

I like this kind of plot, it was executed nicely here but I was not much impressed. First of all I didn’t like Nat’s plan, at all. I mean, she knew that she could only get Scott’s attention if she only dated Toby because Scott likes to try and steal Toby’s girlfriend every single time, although repeated warning from Dawn, Toby’s ex-girlfriend and Nat’s friend, she went ahead with this plan. Scott had tried to steal away Dawn despite her repeated denial. I mean, how can someone like a sleazebag like him? I just don’t understand. Also the pace seemed kind of off, it felt it was moving too fast at times.

Nonetheless, I liked Toby. He was a sweet guy, always trying to help Nat and falling for her in the process. He tried to warn her as well but Nat was a frustrating character most of the time. However, I did like these two together but it would have been better if there was more angst between them and hence the chemistry felt lacking. Another thing that really made me angry was that despite how much Toby did for her, she still questioned him when he confessed his feelings. I really wanted to smack her! Although we do get to see another side of Scott but that doesn’t make his attitude any right however. Hockey, of course played an important part in this story and I liked it.

Overall, Winging It was a disappointment for me. I didn’t like the storyline much and the characters frustrated me most of the times! The ending felt rushed as well however the writing was simple and smooth.

Recommend it?


So guys, how many of you want to read this book? Have you read the previous books in this series? If yes, how was your experience so far? Share your thoughts with me!


5 thoughts on “Review: Winging It by Cate Cameron

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  2. I’ve read the second book and really liked it and I loved the characters. It’s sad that you didn’t enjoy this one. I’ll be reading this one soon and now I’m scared because I don’t deal well with frustrating characters

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