Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer

Author: Marissa Meyer

Tittle: Winter

Series: The Lunar Chronicles, book 4

Genre: Dystopia, Sci-fi, Retelling, [Young-Adult]

Heat Rating: Cool

Page Count and Format: 538 pages, Ebook

Published: November 10th 2015 by Feiwel and Friends

Source: Purchased

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558511051

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Princess Winter is admired by the Lunar people for her grace and kindness, and despite the scars that mar her face, her beauty is said to be even more breathtaking than that of her stepmother, Queen Levana.

Winter despises her stepmother, and knows Levana won’t approve of her feelings for her childhood friend—the handsome palace guard, Jacin. But Winter isn’t as weak as Levana believes her to be and she’s been undermining her stepmother’s wishes for years. Together with the cyborg mechanic, Cinder, and her allies, Winter might even have the power to launch a revolution and win a war that’s been raging for far too long.

Can Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter defeat Levana and find their happily ever afters?



This book was FREAKING AWSOME!! I was a bit worried at first considering the page length but it definitely lived up to my expectation. I started Winter in November, but had to stop reading because I realized I had Fairest and wanted to read that first and then I got kinda side tracked. (Blame it on the review copies!) Then I finally started reading it this weekend and wooosh! Finished it in two days! Fair warning, this is going to be a very “quotesy” review! 😛

Winter starts right from where it was left off. Cinder and her crew have kidnapped Kai resulting in the cancellation of the marriage between Kai and an enraged Levana. Cinder knows she can’t delay it any longer, it’s time to claim her rightful place in Luna and to free it’s people from Levana’s slavery. But the task is not that easy as they have to cross numerous barriers before they can reach their goal. Will Cinder and her friends with the help of Princess Winter be able to finally defeat Levana or will all hell break loose?

“She’s our lost princess. And she’s coming home.”

I loved the plot. I did doubt for a bit that how it was going to play off after seeing the bulky page length but the plot was definitely stable and strong, it didn’t wither for even a second. There were numerous ordeals that Cinder and her crew had to face. One thing or the other was constantly happening but it was very difficult to stop reading, specially the last part where I was practically racing to know what was going to happen next. The action was one of the things that I enjoyed very much in this book. As we all know Winter is a retelling of Snow White but Marissa Meyer complete weaved a unique storyline but the major incidents of Snow White were still there which was pretty awsome! Everytime, when I realized that a particular thing similar to Snow White was going to happen, I was left gasping in surprise.

The characters… where should I begin with.. were all simply awsome! I completely LOVED Winter. She was weird and different which made her a unique kind of character whom I absolutely adored. Her mental state was very affected because she refused to use her Lunar manipulative gifts but she was the most normal in the presence of Jacin, her childhood friend and her guard and the person she was in love with. Although I didn’t like Jacin much in Cress but he warmed upto my heart in this book. He was caring and very protective of Winter which was simply very sweet. I liked their relationship, a lot.

“There is no safer place for me than at your side.”

Also the relationship between Scarlet and Winter was pretty fun to read. Although Scarlet didn’t like Winter at first but it was pretty clear in this book how much they both cared about each other. But the banters between them were so funny-

“They are going to laugh at you and mock you and then they are going to—”
“Eat me. Yes. I understand.”
“You don’t seem to be grasping the meaning behind the words. This isn’t a metaphor. I’m talking about huge teeth and digestive systems.”
“Fat and bones and marrow and meat,” Winter sang. “We only wanted a snack to eat.”
Scarlet grunted. “You can be so disturbing.”

I loved Cinder more in this book. Although she was nervous as hell but she knew where she stood, she didn’t back off even after the numerous threats but fought back to save Kai, the enslaved people and to save herself. She was definitely more confident in this book which I liked very much. Although we have only a few scenes of Cinder and Kai together, their chemistry remained perfect and I loved the romance between them. And how can I forgot, the banter between Cinder and Thorne was one of the things I was most looking forward to and hell it didn’t dissapoint! 😀

“Thorne scoffed. “Careful is my middle name. Right after Suave and Daring.”
“Do you even know what you’re saying half the time?” asked Cinder.”

But my favourite part of the book was definitely Thorne and Cress. Things were awkwardly cute between them in the previous book but I wanted more. And my wish was fulfilled in this book. Cress was definitely more bolder than she was ever was and I was so glad to see her speaking her heart. The romance between Thorne and Cress was actually hawt and made me swoooon! It was bloody damn prefect! I wasn’t expecting this much but omg… it was so, so good! *cries happy tears*

Scarlet and Wolf had very little time together in this book, I admit I wanted a bit more. I think they were the one who suffered the most in this book and poor Wolf, he had to face unnecessary torture but still in the end his love for Scarlet kept him sane. I loved their relationship as usual and I definitely loved it when Wolf was all awkward and stuff infront of Scarlet, it’s kinda cute! And oh! How can I forget my favourite character, Iko. She was a blast in this book as well! She remained sarcastic, funny and fiercely loyal to Cinder.

Winter started to clap. “Brilliant speech. Such gumption and bravado.”

“And yet strangely lacking in any sort of actual strategy,” said Scarlet.

“Oh, good, I’m glad you noticed that too,” said Iko. “I was worried my processor might be glitching.”

Overall, Winter was a satisfying ending to The Lunar Chronicles. It was sarcastic and laced with humour which made it an enjoyable read. The plot was executed neatly and perfectly. And all the characters were memorable and simply awsome and unique in their own way. Although I do believe the length could have been a bit shorter but nonetheless I don’t regret a moment of it, it was quite necessary because we get to read the POVs of all the main characters. I absolutely loved the romance in this book, it felt perfect to me. The writing style was simple and beautiful and although the pace varied in some portions, it mostly remained fast paced. I didn’t face any problem and fell into the comfortable rhythm of this book. So, Winter is definitely a must read for all The Lunar Chronicles fan, it definitely was an epic conclusion to this series.

Recommend it?

Duh. YES!

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So how many of you have already gobbled up this book? And how many of you are eagerly waiting to? Never heard of this series? Omg, then you need to go back to book 1 and read this series asap! And those of you who have already completed this freaking awsome series, who was your most favourite character or pair in this book? Any special scene or particular aspect which you enjoyed the most? Share your awsome thoughts with me!


8 thoughts on “Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer

  1. OMG THORNE AND CRESS IS MY LIFE. SCRATCH THAT, I SHIP ALL THE SHIPS SO HARD. UHUHUHUHHH Reading your review makes me want to reread that whole 800 pages all over again to re-experience this amazing book! I’m so glad you liked this one Poulami, and you can hold me while we wait for the epilogue novella to come out next year!! :’)

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  2. I only skimmed your review since I knew it contained spoilers but yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. A lot of readers seemed to have enjoyed this whopper of a finale. I didn’t particularly care for Cinder when I read it years ago but I do plan on rereading and continuing this series!

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