Review: Beyond Repair by Kelly Lincoln

26798372Author: Kelly Lincoln

Tittle: Beyond Repair


Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [New-Adult]

Heat Rating: Very warm

Trigger Warning: Rape

Page Count and Format: 222 pages, Ebook

Expected Publication: November 3rd 2015 by Kelly Lincoln

Source: I received an eARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558511051

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Five years ago, Brooke had everything she wanted… until it disappeared like a magic trick. While she grieved the loss of her perfect future, fate sealed it. Moving on wasn’t an option. It was a requirement.

Now, Brooke has more money than she knows what to do with. But she also has panic attacks, no relationships outside her family, and a daughter. Brooke may have shut down, but there is no way to numb the constant terror that Mia could be taken away from her. She spends her days looking over her shoulder and avoiding her shameful memories.

She’s fine hiding from the world until Chris moves next door. A friendship forms when they unwillingly bond over their painful pasts. As walls come down, their relationship starts to develop into more. Brooke now realizes everything she’s missing out on and wants—a happy and stable family for her and Mia.

But Mia may not be the child with no traces of her father as Brooke assumed. And making a moral choice will risk everything.


GOSH THIS BOOK WAS SOOO GOOD! Exactly what I needed. First of all I LOVE the cover! And I got to seevot before the cover was revealed and the colour is so beautiful. When the author emailed me with the opportunity to review, I couldn’t say no after reading the blurb and damn I’m so glad. The plot was realistic and I fell in love with the characters. Every single thing was executed perfectly.

The story revolves around the lives of Brooke and Chris, both have a tragic past of their own from which they still suffer. As they slowly get to know each other, they bond on a deeper level. And Chris loves Mia, Brooke’s daughter as his own. But the question remains, will Chris still feel the same way about them after he gets to know the actual truth? And when the past comes to haunt them, will they be able to face it together and overcome it or will their love and future shatter forever?

I really enjoyed reading this book. Brooke was a great mother although she doubted herself. I really, really felt bad about what happened to her in the past. Life was freaking unfair to her. For her situation, she handled it quite maturely and she raised up a great daughter. I loved Mia, she was simply adorable and cute. I couldn’t get enough of her. Chris went through some terrible stuff in his past as well but both of them understood each other so well, in a way no one ever had. He was such a great guy, so caring and understanding. He was a keeper. When life threw hurdles at them, although she tried to push him away but he never let go. He always held them together, strong. I really admired this quality about him. He was a pretty perfect guy and how he did everything for Mia just melted my heart.

The romance between them was built up slowly and there was perfect amount of chemistry between them. I just loved their relationship and the fact that he never questioned her decesions. I freaking loved what happened near the end, she finally faced her past and punched it away, literally! It was super awsome and I had a big smile plastered over my face! The side characters were great as well, specially Brooke’s sister she was supportive and a great sister. All in all, everything was executed just the way I like it.

The writing was beautiful and addicting. I didn’t want to stop once I started reading it but I usually start a book during night and have to pause. Otherwise I would have finished it in one sitting. A few sensitive topics were dealt in this novel and I liked how the author potrayed them. I loved the pace, it was neither too fast nor too slow, it was even throughout the book.

Overall, Beyond Repair was a great book. I loved how the plot was executed and how everything was portrayed realistically. All the characters were pretty great and I fell in love with them. There was a healthy dose of romance thrown into the mix as well. The writing was smooth and the pace was even throughout the book. I’m pretty satisfied after reading this book and I definitely look forward to read more books by this author.

Recommend it?

Definitely yes!


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