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BeautyOfLiesAuthor: Brinda Berry

Tittle: The Beauty of Lies

Series: Stand by Me, book 1 [Can be read as a standalone]

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, [New-Adult]

Heat Rating: Warm

Page count and format: 162 pages, Ebook

Published: October 6th 2015

Source: I received an eARC of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: PicsArt_1444558321867

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Secrets are exposed, trust is betrayed and two people face the beauty of lies.

Leo Jensen has a secret–he is Mr. Expose, a blogger that reveals the truth about liars and frauds. It’s a way to make a living, and he’s had a motherlode of experience with liars. Cheaters. Women who live for drama and carry more hidden baggage than a Boeing 747. Even his twin sister can’t seem to admit the truth about her relationships, so finding an honest woman is about as likely as finding a unicorn in the middle of Nashville.

Harper Wade wishes life had a do-over button. She’d press that sucker and reset the last four years. Now, she has the chance to start fresh and make things right, but first she has to retrieve the damning evidence of her past from an annoying blogger. She’s doing all the things she knows she shouldn’t–breaking and entering, lying by omission, falling for the hot guy next door. Too bad he holds the key to her clean slate.


This book was sooo sweet and so much fun! I was never bored for a second. The plot was intersting with strong characters which I absolutely loved. This was a light and short read which I enjoyed very much from the beginning till the end.

The story revolves around Harper whose husband recently died and she came to know that her whole marriage had been a lie and that her husband had been living a double life where he already had a wife and a child. She came to Nashville to retrieve a postcard about her husband sent by her when she was angry and out of her mind to a blogger known as Mr. Expose or Leo Jensen. She understood it would hurt the child if the news about her father got out. She emailed Leo to give it back but he stated he couldn’t return it due to his policy. So she did everything to get that postcard back, even moved in the same building as his. But as she comes to know him, she understands there’s a lot more to him and they begin to grow closer but when all the lies get exposed, will they be ever able to move on together or will the lies shatter their hopes forever?

This book was so heartwarming. It was a refreshing and interesting read, sometimes even funny. The things Harper did to get that postcard back, sometimes the situations turned pretty hilarious. I loved their story and how the relationship between Harper and Leo evolved. It was slowly build up and I loved the chemistry between them. I really felt bad for Harper’s situation, I mean after four years of marriage it turned out to a big fat lie. She was devastated but she understood that what she felt was not real love but it also made her insecure because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to recognise what true love would be like. I liked how she fought against her insecurities and embraced her present and tried her best to give her life a chance. I also loved the email exchanges in the story, it gave a better glimpse into their lives.

I fell in love with all the characters, they were fleshed out really well and had their fair share of faults. It was pretty easy to connect with them. Harper was a strong character. She was caring, a little stalkarish but an awesome person as well. I loved how she didn’t hold a grudge against her husband’s actual wife and they actually formed a bond. What she did, was on an impulse out of sheer anger but the moment she understood her mistake she did everything to undo it so that the child wouldn’t be hurt at such a tender age. I really, really liked her. Leo was an interesting and a brooding character with a past of his own that he wanted to forget. He went through something similar as Harper, not at all similar but something like that. Naturally they both had trust issues. Leo was a little late to understand what Harper meant to him, he did a few stupid things but I’m glad he was not too late to understand his mistakes. They both overcame their trust issues together and I loved it, this book gave all the warm and fuzzy feelings. 🙂

Also the side characters were pretty awsome as well, specially Leo’s twin sister- Josie. She was a really great friend to Harper and a rock! I loved her! But Tori, omg I hated her so much. She was such a bitch and also scary at times. I totally loved how Leo finally managed to take her off his back, once and for all. Good riddance!

The writing was simple and beautiful. This book was pretty addicting, I couldn’t put in down and was up until 4 am and I finished it at one go. The pace was even throughout the story and there was not a single dull moment. I enjoyed the writing and I loved how everything flowed out.

Overall, The Beauty of Lies was an awsome read. The plot was refreshingly good and I enjoyed the characters, they were pretty great and had their fair share of faults. I loved how all the characters evolved throughout the story. The writing style was smooth and addicting and I simply loved how everything was executed. I enjoyed their romance and it didn’t feel rushed a bit. This was the first book I read by this author and I’m definitely looking forward to read more.

Recommend it?


Author Bio:

BrindaBrinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family. Brinda is obsessed with cairn terriers, Kings of Leon, new technology and sandy beaches.  She’s also terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.

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  1. Oooh, a slow burn relationship with tons of chemistry?! THIS BOOK SOUNDS INCREDIBLE! 😀 I’m also a big fan of books where the pacing is perfect and doesn’t slack off for a minute. XD Lovely review!!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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