Review: Race for Love by Nana Malone

25962262Author: Nana Malone

Tittle: Race for Love

Series: The Donovans, book 3 [Can be read as a standalone]

Genre: Contemporary, (Interracial, Sports) Romance, [New-Adult]

Page count and format: 361 pages, Ebook

Published: July 22nd 2015 by Amazon Digital Services

Source: I received an eARC of this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: PicsArt_1431077933984

Blurb (from Goodreads):

A woman all alone in the world…A man too afraid to care for someone…

Up and coming racecar driver, Kisima Jennings, is all alone in the world and that’s exactly how she likes it. Who has time for family or friends? She has to keep the pedal to the floor before the career she’s worked so hard for goes up in smoke. But when a near-fatal crash jeopardizes her future, she’s forced to lean on someone for the first time in her life.

As a star athletic trainer, Derek Donovan has always kept his eyes on the prize, never letting personal entanglements come between him and his dream of being head trainer for the New Orleans Jaguars—until one misstep costs him everything. Now he’s starting over, but with a client as tempting as Kisima, is he destined to repeat the mistakes of his past?

Will the Race for Love trump the race for their futures, or can Kisima and Derek both find the success they’re longing for in each other’s arms?


I really liked this book, it was addicting from the very start. The plot was more than just romance. I loved the characters, they were intriguing, different and diverse. When I requested this book, I didn’t know it was a part of a series, nonetheless it can be read as a complete standalone. Also, I usually don’t go for sports romances but this one was damn good and was throughly enjoyable.


Kisima Jennings is a race car driver for the Daniels. She has been groomed from her childhood under TJ Daniels who she considers a father figure. But in one race, she undergoes a fatal crash and to get back in form for the next race in three months, she reluctantly agrees to train under a star athletic trainer, Derek Donovan. When they meet, sparks fly. But both of them are hesitant at first, Kisima has suffered from a heartbreak and she didn’t want a relationship again anytime soon and Derek had made a mistake which almost costed his entire career. But they have a hard time staying away from each other. Meanwhile, Kisima remembers something about the crash and she finds out it was not her fault at all, somebody was trying to kill her and if that person is not caught, her life maybe in danger all over again.


The plot was really good. It had the perfect combination of romance and suspense. It was told in alternate POVs of both the characters, so it was easier to understand what they both feeling and going through. I loved the way the romance built up. Though their attraction was instant but they had a lot of arguments and the tension build up slowly between them before they finally gave into each other. I definitely liked the thrill ride. Someone was trying to kill Kisima but nobody had any idea who it could be. Though Kisima pointed out someone, I knew it was definitely not that person, I was suspicious about the actual bad guy from onwards the middle of the book and I was pretty glad to find out that I was right, though the plot twist was really good and I was surprised to find out as so many truths came out. I loved how all of it was executed.


The characters were pretty awsome and diverse and I fell in love with them. Every one of the characters were fresh and they had their unique point. Kisima was a strong character, she was hard working, passionate and caring. She loved racing cars, it was her dream. Though she was very scared to go back into the racing tracks or getting into any car, she eventually overcame that fear through the help of Derek who was beside her and helped her through every step. Derek was a strict teacher but he really cared about Kisima and saw to it that she recovered completely. He was toootally swoon-worthy and damn gorgeous. His methods of training were different but pretty effective. I loved the banters between them. They had lots of funny and humorous moments and it was crystal clear that they felt so comfortable around each other. Their romance was steamy and hot and I definitely enjoyed it. Their connection formed easily and they understood each other so much. I liked the other side characters as well, except one, I hated him sooo much.

Writing style-

The writing was simple and smooth. It was pretty easy to get into the flow of the book and I breezed through it. The pace was neither too fast nor too slow, it was even throughout the book. This book was pretty addicting and I had a hard time to stop reading it. I loved the suspense and the romance and I definitely loved how everything was executed.


Race for Love is a book that I loved very much. The plot had romance and suspense and it was addicting from the very beginning. The characters were diverse and really good, I fell in love with them and could easily connect with them. The romance was sizzling hot, I enjoyed it very much. The writing style was smooth and easy to read, I breezed through the book very easily and the pace was even throughout the book. As I said earlier, I don’t usually go for sports romances but this book was pretty great and throughly entertaining. I’m definitely going to check out other books by this author.

Recommend it?

Definitely yes if you like sports romances, intriguing plot and awsome characters.

So guys, have you raced for love yet? 😛 Have you read this book yet or want to? If you’ve already read, what did you think about it? Share your thoughts with me!


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