Review: The Institute by Kayla Howarth

24340711Author: Kayla Howarth

Tittle: The Institute

Series: The Institute trilogy, book 1

Genre: Dystopia, [Young-Adult]

Page count and format: 186 pages, Ebook

Published: January 7th 2015 by Smashwords

Source: I received a digital copy of this book from the author via Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: PicsArt_1431077886446

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Living in constant fear. Always looking over your shoulder. The source of your fear? The Institute.

Allira Daniels will do anything to keep her Defective brother safe from the Institute. They claim to protect Defectives, but it’s human nature to fear the unknown. Defectives are dangerous, they possess abilities that no human should be able to. To Allira and the rest of her family, the Institute seems more like a prison than the safe-haven they promote themselves to be. Protecting Shilah from that fate is their number one priority.

When Allira stumbles across a car crash involving two of her school classmates, she ignores all of her father’s warnings of laying low and not drawing attention to herself. By doing so, she may have just caught the eye of the Institute. She’s not Defective, but what seventeen-year-old girl has the ability to pull two teenage boys away from a fiery rubble and walk away without a scratch? It would definitely be seen as suspicious.

Allira and her family need to make decisions. Do they stay, or do they flee again? Will they be coming for her? Will her whole family come under investigation? Will they discover Shilah and his ability to predict the future?

Are you Defective? The Institute is coming for you.


This book was good, the plot was good, the characters were likeable. Although I didn’t feel much exited during the story, but nonetheless I enjoyed it and I really look forward to read the rest of the series.


Allira lives in a world where the people who possess extra abilities are known as “defectives” and they are kept separated from the normal population. The Institute is the place where the government keeps the defectives and they promise a safe environment for them but no one ever comes back from the Institute. Allira’s brother, Shilah is defective, she and her father tries every possible way to lay low and not to get caught but when there’s an accident she couldn’t stay away and helps her two classmates from a burning car and that immediately brings her under the radar. When there’s a different turn of events and she know’s her brother will be caught, she makes plans to get her brother to escape with her boyfriend Drew with whom she bonded after the accident. But things don’t go according to the plan when someone from the inside turns to be a betrayer.


I definitely liked the plot, it had a lot of action and things were constantly happening. My only problem was that nothing felt much new, I sort of guessed what was going to happen. But nonetheless I was pretty surprised by the plot twist. It was out of the blue and I felt as betrayed as Allira. I really felt bad for her, not only she had to loose her freedom but she had to go through extreme torture under the Institute because they thought she was not telling the truth. Well there was more than one twist, it was really awsome. The training for being a field agent was something I enjoyed, it portrayed more clearly what exactly when inside the Institute and I felt so bad after reading about the conditions of the defectives who didn’t cooperate. I felt the romantic aspect was a bit rushed but I understand the reason, it was something necessary for the plot.


The characters were pretty good. I liked Allira, she was strong, caring and fiercely protective about her brother but I think she trusted people a bit too easily and that taught her a tough lesson. I didn’t like Drew. Nope, not a bit. I though he was somewhat okay at the beginning but then I wanted him as my punching bag. But I loved the cousins, Tate and Chad. Tate was somewhat of a brother/friend to Allira and I really enjoyed their relationship. He was just so sweet. And Chad, yeesh, he grew on me. He was really caring and sweet and I definitely wanted Allira and Chad together, though I’m bummed nothing happened. Hopefully something will happen in the next book, perhaps. Shilah was an okay character for me, I didn’t hate him but I didn’t like him much either. It took a long time for him to understand that his sister was just trying to protect him, I’m glad he came to his senses soon.

Writing style-

The writing was simple and easy to read. I easily breezed through the book and I would have completed it in one sitting but I had to sleep cause it was already 3 am, so I finished it the next day. Pace really matters to me and thankfully this book was pretty fast paced and I liked it. This was a pretty awsome debut novel and I enjoyed the writing, I was never bored for a second.


The Institute was a book that I definitely enjoyed. The plot was good though I felt it lacked a unique element, the characters were likeable and the pace was pretty fast which I definitely liked. The writing was smooth and simple and I finished this book quite easily. It had a great load of actions and the plot twists were really great. Specially the ending was a big surprise. I think everything will improve on a large angle and I can’t wait to read what happens next. Hopefully I get to read the next book pretty soon.

Recommend it?

Absolutely if you love this genre, this book will definitely appeal to you.

So guys, have you visited The Institute yet? 😛 If yes, did you enjoy your visit or are you planning to go soon? Share your thoughts with me!


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