Review: Enlighten Me by Dawn Brazil

23342322Author: Dawn Brazil

Tittle: Enlighten Me

Series: Finding Me, book 2

Genre: Young-Adult, Urban Fantasy

Pages: 161 pages, Ebook

Published: December 13th 2014

Source: I received an e-copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: PicsArt_1431077933984

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Sometimes carefully constructed lies can become the truth…

When seventeen-year-old Amanda reawakens, she is faced with the life Chloe lived for 17 years. The adjustment isn’t easy. But as she attempts to acclimate to a life that’s foreign to her, old friends become new enemies and bad habits are hard to stop. When she begins to doubt the story she’s been given to explain her travels through the multiverse, she knows she must find the answers before everyone else. Because if her weird dreams and visions are an indication of who she really was everyone might just be in danger, but not from the enemy they think. From her.

My thoughts:

Woah, this book completely took a whole new turn. I mean every freaking single thing changed. I can’t even explain my shock that I felt with the new twists and turns that were introduced in this book but this was a hell of a ride that I immensely enjoyed.


The book starts off as Chloe struggles to remember her past but in vain. But finally when she regains her memory of Amanda she discovers that she is a danger to all of them because as Amanda she had done some unspeakable things. Not only Chloe gets back her memories, but all the others had missing pieces of memories as well and they were finally given back by Evangeline, who was totally creepy by the way and she was the ENO’s mother. Turns out the ENO’s not the main threat either, he’s still the enemy but the main threat is Amanda’s father who wants to wipe out the whole population of earth as he wants a new planet for him and his people to live in.

The plot was brilliantly done, it’s imaginative and creative and takes the readers to a whole new level. It felt a little slow at first but it didn’t take much time to pick up its pace.

Amanda remembered everything about her past life, and it was a bit…wait, a lot of a struggle because Chloe was still there, Amanda’s personality was the total opposite to that of Chloe’s, and sometimes things were a bit out of control. Where Amanda wanted to break a few bones, Chloe wasn’t a fan of violence much and it took a lot of strength and willpower to stop Amanda from being destructive.

I loved Chris but I wanted to smack him sometimes. It was not his fault after knowing the whole truth about Amanda but still I felt bad for her. The romance was a bit less than the previous book but nonetheless I loved it. Raja, another member of the Great 8 was another character I didn’t like much but eventually at last she came back to her senses. Sam, is undoubtedly one of my favourite character, she continued to support Amanda/Chloe even after knowing everything, she trusted her like her own sister.

Ian’s love for Amanda was sort of obsessive, even though she repeatedly tried to tell him that nothing real ever exited between them but he wouldn’t listen. I don’t think he even loved her, it was the concept or thing that Amanda’s father just planted in his brain. Thank god, there was no love triangle, there was never a questioning about choosing a guy because she was sure from the first time that the guy for her is Chris, only Chris.

There were a lot of plot twists which left my mouth hanging wide open. Amanda’s father is the epitome of evil. He confessed with pride that he wouldn’t even spare his daughter’s life if she didn’t stood by his side. And he has already declared war and the whole team has no clue how they are going to stand a chance against them.

The writing was smooth and nicely done. The book managed to keep me on my edge, kept me guessing from time to time. I really loved this book and I REALLY WANT TO READ THE NEXT BOOK which is still not out. Omg, how am I going to survive.

Recommend it?

Yes. If you liked Finding Me then you will definitely like it.


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