Review: Discovering April by Sheena Hutchinson

5x8TemplateAuthor: Sheena Hutchinson

Tittle: Discovering April

Series/Standalone: Standalone

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New-Adult

Pages: 197, Ebook

Published: April 27th 2015 by SL Hutchinson Publishing

Source: I received a digital copy of the book via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: PicsArt_1431077933984

Blurb (from Goodreads):

April Landau thinks she has everything she’s ever wanted. Her high school sweetheart, a house she can’t afford, her bipolar tabby cat, and she’s all set to begin her Junior year of college. Just when she least expects it, her life gets thrown for a loop. When things between her and her long time boyfriend unravel, she becomes stuck in a downward spiral of emotion. Finally, opening her eyes to the fact that she may have given up more than she ever could have imagined in this relationship. She finds herself struggling to keep her head above water.

Enter April’s next door neighbor— Jared Hoffman. He’s her complete opposite. A high school drop out who was forced to take over his parent’s business after their untimely death. It’s no surprise this tragedy affected him greatly, causing him to recede almost completely from society.

But he has one secret. A secret he’s been carrying around for years.

What happens when their worlds collide? Can an old friendship be the one thing that brings these two back to life? A new adult love story filled with drama, sex, death, and the complications of all of the above.

My thoughts:

OH MY GOD, THIS BOOK WAS EPIC! I was so thrilled when I got the email late at night telling me that they had approved my request. I got so exited that I couldn’t sleep at all. And after finishing this book, it was totally worth it. I enjoyed every damn moment of this roller coaster emotional ride.

It’s a story about April who is a college student struggling to pay her bills and maintain a relationship with her boyfriend Hunter. Hunter is pretty wealthy, a football player and a jerk. April’s parent’s have moved to Florida and left their house to April. She works at the local coffee shop and most of the time doesn’t even have food in her refrigerator. April is pretty devastated when she finds out Hunter is cheating on her. Her world comes crashing down around her and she finds herself at a loss. But then Jared, her next door neighbour (MEET MY NEW OH-SO-GORGEOUS BOOK BOYFRIEND!!) steps in and she begins to pick up her pieces and discover herself in a new light.

The plot was well laid. At first I thought it was going pretty much the way I was thinking and then BAM! I was shocked at what happened in chapter 29 and I was a sobbing mess from chapter 30 onwards. I don’t think anybody who has read this book saw that coming.

April was a character who irritated me at first. I mean how could she be with a guy like Hunter who treated her like he owned her. Even she understood that she deserved someone better but she just clung onto him because he was her first love. I was so happy when they finally broke up. But her life turned into a mess because she had her life build up around Hunter. And without him she lost herself. Oh, believe me this happens in real life as well cause I’ve seen one of my classmate going through this and at the end she turned herself into an alien, sort of, I mean she just became a whole new person and in a bad way. Luckily that didn’t happen here because there was Jared.

Jared was a guy I liked immediately and after this-

“Chivalrous acts are done as a sign of respect to you. Men, real men, that is, do these things for women not because we have to, but because we feel they deserve to be honored in some small, tiny way every single day.”

I feel in love with him. *SWOONS*
Jared and April were childhood friends but they drifted apart when Jared’s parents died and he isolated himself. April moved on with her life but Jared never did, he remained in love with her. And after April’s breakup they started reconnecting. He was a sweet, caring and lovable kind of guy. He challenged her, made her see life in a different way and with him even April realised he made her a better person.

“You’ve said life is a series of choices, but I think it’s also a series of opportunities, a series of lessons, a series of moments all strung together that loops around into a lifetime—it’s a lifetime of moments. Every decision, every person that has entered my life, has shaped who I am today.”

But Jared was afraid of one thing, he didn’t want to be her rebound.

“I don’t want to be just another guy—because I am the guy for you.”

I was literally squealing in this scene. After this there was no stopping them when April confirmed he was never gonna be his rebound but much more.

Their relationship was pretty smooth at first with a few cute fights. Their first official date was awsome! Jared’s friends accpted her except Eric but now I understand why he thought that way, I loved Stacey and Ro, they were the best girlfriends ever in their own unique way. And finally when April realised she was in love with him and confessed that, I was in tears because of the situation. Oh, Ms. Hutchinson you know how to make someone cry.

The only tini-tiny thing that bothered me at first was the writing style, it was written in 1st person POV but in present tense. It took me a few chapters but then I was pretty comfortable with it.

The story was intense, it made me laugh, cry, swoon, it had heart wrenching moments and everything that makes a story perfect and complete. I loved this book. I’m so glad that I requested it. 🙂

Recommend it?



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