Top Ten Tuesday #10

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They tell us what to write our top ten for, and we do!


May 12: Ten Authors I Really Want to Meet

1. Jane Austen- I would so love to meet her and ask her about all the characters she wrote, specially Elizabeth’s character and did she have any similar traits as hers.

2. Emily Brontë- I would definitely ask her where did she get the idea of Wuthering Heights and how did she manage to write all those creepy characters specially Heathcliff.

3. J.K.Rowling- She is an inspiration for all of us. Who wouldn’t want to meet her? I would definitely.

4. Wendy Higgins- I love her writing and the Sweet trilogy is one of my favourites. She is indeed sweet and she replied to my tweets! 😛

5. Kristin Cast- I’ve been a fan of the House of Night series ever since I started reading it and her very own book Amber Smoke is coming out in July!! I would love to meet her and bombard her with questions.

6. Enid Blyton- My favourite childhood author, she is my inspiration.

7. Sidney Sheldon- I love his thrillers, I would ask him how did he managed to write such amazing and diverse thrillers.

8. Cassandra Clare- I love her writing and her books are really magical and diverse.

9. Dan Brown- Eeep! My favourite author, of course I would love to meet him and ask millions of questions to him.

10. Neil Gaiman- His books are very different as well and I enjoyed Coraline so much.

And I would definitely ask all the authors for writing tips! 🙂

P.S- Woke up to a mini earthquake, once again. We are so far away from Nepal yet we are experiencing the slight tremors. Nepal is kind of fully destroyed now. I can only pray for them and ask all of you to do the same.

So, who do you guys want to meet? Leave your answers below or your link! I’ll be sure to visit your blog!


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