The Selection- Blog Tour/Buddy Read

Day 4: Maxon vs Aspen on all four blogs.

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Hey everyone! Today we do a small discussion on the topic Maxon vs Aspen for the Blog Buddy Read. It is being held by Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds and we are reading The Selection by Kiera Cass in the first week of this month, i.e. May. You can find out more about this here. Here is the schedule if you’re interested:

May 4th: The read begins!

May 5th: Swxftbooks on character analysis

May 6th: Daydreaming Books on progress update

May 7th: Maxon vs Aspen, on all four blogs

May 8th: The Enchanted Book on character development

May 10th: Reviews!

This might be a little spoilery, only a little!


Well for starters, he is charming and the sweetest gentleman ever. I liked him from the very beginning. Though I had my doubts that how he is going to turn out, he is the heir of a kingdom after all, he might have been a rich snobbish brat with an attitude but, he turned out to be totally different than that. In fact, he was a genuine human being and the idea of the Selection scared him because among the 35 girls he would have to choose his future queen, his soul mate and that definitely isn’t an easy task to do plus there’s pressure from the king and other members of the council board as well. Maxon could be quite funny at times. Also he is kind and caring, he listened to America about the problems that the lower castes faced in their world and he immediately thought of how to solve that problem that his people faced. This shows that he would be a great and benevolent king in the future. Also, he forgave America for kneeing him in the groin (THAT WAS AN EPIC SCENE 😛 ) and he’s also understanding as well because when America wanted space he gave her that. So I can say that he is definitely a great boyfriend material, umm maybe husband as well!


I kind of liked him at first. Aspen and America’s love was kind of forbidden romance and I generally love forbidden romance. But from this I could understand he was impulsive as well because if they were caught meeting each other after their curfew the result could be as horrific as a death sentence. Not only was he was risking his own life but America’s as well but I can kinda consider this because they were in love. But the main problem I had with Aspen is his huge ego. America was ready to make sacrifices to be with him but he just couldn’t grasp that fact. America cared for him so much, she would bring him food because Aspen’s caste was lower than America’s, so he could barely get to eat and America loved bringing him food. But this hurt his ego so much, he wanted to give her everything, fend for themselves and not the other way around. So he broke up instead of enjoying the simple blissful moment of love and care. He’s a also a stubborn headed troublemaker, I don’t want to disclose this but you will find out when you reach the end of this book.

So, that was my opinion about Maxon and Aspen. I think I’m on Maxon’s side. What about you guys? Who’s your favourite among the two?


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