Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

2548559 Author: Dan Brown

Tittle: The Lost Symbol

Series: Robert Langdon series, book 3

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Pages: 670 pages, Paperback

Published: September 15th 2009 by Doubleday

Source: Purchased

My rating: ★★★☆☆

I definitely liked this book but it did not captivate me like the previous books in this series and hence the rating. But nevertheless, I did enjoy this book.

The Lost Symbol once again has my favourite (not so heroish) hero, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. The story starts as Langdon answers an unexpected call which summons him to appear at the U.S. Capitol Building. His planned lecture is interrupted when a disturbing object, an artfully encoded with five symbols is discovered in the building. Langdon recognizes in the find an ancient invitation into a lost world of esoteric, potentially dangerous wisdom. When his mentor Peter Solomon, a longstanding Mason and beloved philanthropist is kidnapped, Langdon realizes that the only way to save Solomon is to accept the mystical invitation and plunge headlong into a clandestine world of Masonic secrets, hidden history, and one inconceivable truth . . .

The first half of the story was a bit boring for me but as the 2nd half neared, it began to pick up its pace. I liked the discussion about science vs religion and how they entwined rather than opposing each other.

The plot centres around the society called Freemason and a secret they carry. The villian wants to discover that secret and he manages to trick Langdon into finding it. In this story, there is physical and emotional danger. And the villian is at once brilliant, physically superior and extremely motivated.

The plot twist is great. Didn’t see that one coming. It comes as a shock to the readers as well as the villian when he finds out about his true identity. But instead of feeling any pity for him, you are bound to feel angry because of his actions throughout the book. Personally, I wanted to bash his head but well I had to keep reminding myself that is just a fiction.

There is a great message about religious tolerance and opening ones mind to expore the existence of God. So, this one’s another thrill ride by Dan Brown. I loved the characters and the plot. I just felt it dragged a bit in the first section of the story. Otherwise it’s a good thriller that I enjoyed.

Recommend it?

If you love symbology, etymology and solving mysteries, then go for it.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  1. This is a nice review 🙂 I love this book too! I like how Dan Brown splurges us with unknown interesting facts of the world. But if you read most of his books, you’ll see he has a pattern of creating a plot. Like you’ll expect there’ll be a twist and you know what it is


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