So, umm..this is the very last time I changed my name (header), I promiseee. This name is going to be permanent, I was stuck between Books and Memories and Daydreaming Books, I used the former one earlier but I realised this one is more appropriate for me, it’s more like me.

So from Crazy Insomniac Bibliophile-> Books and Memories-> DAYDREAMING BOOKS.

I’ve been crazy busy this week, loads of studying, my new job and all that. I even missed out on a meme (Exploring Your Bookshelves) on Friday. But I’ll be posting a few reviews soon enough. And I’m also thinking of starting up some small discussion posts where we can all share our views about a particular topic. I would love to listen to everyone’s views. And March is almost at its end. I’m so exited! What about you guys?


7 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. Haha selecting a blog name can certainly be a challenge! Just note that your URL is still your original name, so promotion will be challenging. Since you’ve only been blogging for a short time, if you’re serious about continuing with it, it might be best to create a new blog to match your current name!

    Just a thought! Good luck!


    • Yeah, I should have invested more time in thinking about the name but I opened it in a whim, hence the problem.
      I have thought about that as well but if I do that won’t I loose everything here, the few followers I gained and everything else?


      • I’m not quite sure, but I think you can have this blog redirect to a new blog through WordPress. Just make an announcement so your followers can subscribe to the new blog easily. Fortunately, you just got started. The longer you wait, the more difficult the transition will be!

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